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  1. Hey can someone tell me where I can buy some clear perspex for my fish tank so I can put a divider in it. I have a smaller tank with electric yellow fry in it and they are not big enough yet to go into my main tank yet and I have got a lombardio with a mouth full of fry and I don't want to put them in the smaller tank with the yellows as the yellows will probably try to eat them
  2. Hey I would like to know where I can buy a 3d background for my African display tank in the logan area or gold coast and how pricey are they.
  3. Hey dose anybody know where I can buy a corner tank or who could build one and how pricey they are thinking of getting one for a display tank
  4. They are about 5-6 cm long I keep them with electric yellows
  5. I have 5 lombardios they are 5 months old just want to know how long it usually takes for them to mature and change color or do I just have 5 females
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