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  1. bump. These quality breeding colonies are still for sale. Ring or text me with decent offers. I'll do a very good deal for the lot. cheers Pete
  2. still plenty available
  3. pm sent to LD50mswobblyfish. Anyone that's keen is best to contact me by phone 0490690597 thanks. Price is firm. As Ray noted, it's a pretty good price for big healthy adult pepps
  4. still available
  5. bump..............
  6. bump .................
  7. Hi Folks, I need to cut down on the number of fish I have so some of my beautiful discus are up for sale. These are very good quality and impressive discus. Various strains available as per pics. smaller ones 12cm $80ea medium ones 13-15cm $100ea large 17cm $140ea ph 0490690597 cheers Pete
  8. Hi Folks, I have the following juvies 3-4cm that must go for $3ea or will do bulk deals: Dragon Blood Peacocks OB Peacocks Yellow tail Acei ph 0490690597 cheers Pete
  9. Pair of pepps for sale. They haven't bred for me but are ready to breed and are very healthy. I'm focusing on my discus now so have lost interest in these guys. Male 13-14cm, female 11cm $130 contact on phone 0490690597. cheers pete
  10. Colonies still available. Surely someone wants some nice colonies of African breeders
  11. As per my original post, please text me if you want other pics and I'll send them through from my phone directly. Thanks Pete
  12. As per my original post, please text me if you want other pics and I'll send them through from my phone directly. Thanks Pete
  13. Hi Folks, I have the following colonies for sale. All have bred. 1. Electric Blues (2 Males @ 13cm, 9 females at 9cm) $100. 2. Dragon Blood Peacocks (3 Males @ 10-13cm, 6 females @ 9cm) $100. 3. Yellow Tail Acei/Msuli Point (2 Males @ 13cm, 7 females @ 11cm) $100 4. OB Peacocks (3 Males @ 12-14cm, 7 females 9-11cm) $100 5. Albino Peacocks (3 Males @ 13cm, 6 females 9cm) $100 All of these colonies are excellent quality and have some females holding now. Please text me on 0490690597 if you want pics and I will send them thru (remember to tell me which colony u want). cheers Pete