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  1. Hi Folks, I'm moving next week and have a 6x2(W)x2.5(H) tank to give away as it's leaking at the bottom of the rear panel and I can't be bothered taking it with me. The rear panel is painted black and it has a weir. Pick up from Clontarf. It's very heavy so you will need a few helpers. PLEASE DON'T ASK ME TO DELIVER IT TO YOU - IT'S FREE IF YOU COLLECT Please give me a call to sort out a time during daytime hours. No holds sorry. Now gone to Rastinger72
  2. Thanks for the fish Mick. Good quality. cheers mate
  3. Hey mate just wondering if I could get some pictures of the tank,0402679134, thanks Ryan

  4. hay bud let me no when you have more yellow if you could ring my number is 0409899754 i just dont get on here that offten any more (very interested)

  5. Thanks for buying Cobalts from me, Pete.

    A pleasure dealing with great, reliable people like yourself! Hope to see you again soon.

  6. Thanks for the Cobolt Blues zebs Jonas. Beaut healthy fish, all doing well.

    Would recommend these to anyone.


  7. Hey mate do you have any electric male blue breeding size


  8. you home this weekend

  9. how long you home for pete

  10. Hey mate just wondering if it's you that lives at bribie cause I will be there at the weekend

  11. Hey Mick, no mate I don't have any E Blue breeders for sale, just sold them to Nathan (username Mad & Angry).

    Just got some juvies left which I sent you a pm about


  12. hi how r ya.just wondering if u have eney electric blue breederd.if u have how much and how many u got?thanks mick

  13. Hi Rowdy (Peter I think),

    I believe that it may have been you that requested a price on Eheim 2217 Impeller & Shaft. If so prices are as follows:

    Impeller 2217 $32.00

    Shaft 2217 $12.50

    If it was or wasn't you can you please let me know. Unfortunately the staff member that took the message didn't follow procedure and only wrote your details on a piece of paper which of course went missing. We have a duplicate message system to avoid this however it wasn't used.



  14. Latex B/ground fitting to 6x2x2

    Looks great Steve!!!! Lot of hard work but is a fantastic tank. Keep in touch mate. BTW, the discus have settled in all fine at my place. cheers Pete
  15. Hi Alex, looks good but I agree that you don't need that much timber, just a noggin at each end and one in the middle of each tier with some ply on top as suggested. You could also consider mounting the legs on the outside of the flat sections (instead of inside as designed) which doesn't look as good but gives you more room for the tank on the bottom tier. If you wanna disassemble and reassemble it several times then you'll need coach screws with a nut on the end. If you use self tappers (e.g. batten screws) then they may not bite in sufficiently the second time round in the same hole. Have fun Pete