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  1. Hey mate send me some more details and I'll give you a price. I'm a qualified cabinet maker. Send me a email with details adamthehandyman@live.com.au
  2. Looking for something bigger than that. And was wat both on the weekend didn't see any
  3. Is anyone selling or know where I could get a mangrove jack? Preferably on brissy nth side or sunny coast
  4. Hi everyone, I'm in process of cycling my 6x2 tank and thinking of goin with Americans or discus. Can I get any advice in these 2 types of fish in regards to tanks conditions, water temp, ph levels? I'm running a sand bottom which fish would suit this? I've kept Africans before but have no experience with discus or Americans but do like them both. What species do yiu keep and are readily available Thanks in advance
  5. I'll grab some electric yellows and red zebs when they are ready
  6. As the title says I'm wondering if there is anyone around the kallangur area that breeds Africans. If so what have yiu got for sale and how much? Thanks
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Recently purchased a bio pro canister with the uv light. Now as I'm new to all of this what are the benifits of the uv light? Should I run the light all the time? Any explanation of how these work and how I can get the most benifits from using it. Thanks
  9. Just use aquarium silicone. Yiu can buy it from bunnings. Pretty sure it's in a blue tube and sellys make it
  10. 6x2x1.5. More after something that's gonna look good lots of colour and active fish
  11. Hi everyone I'm almost ready to start buying fish for my tank. I'm new to chiclads I'm after people's opinions on Americans v Africans What are the pros and cons of both? Which would you choose and which fish would u recommend? Thanks
  12. I've recently purchased a bio pro canister filter. How would you all recommend I set up the filter media trays. Ther is 4 baskets it came with bio balls, ceramic noodle things, charcoal and 2 layers of black foam stuff. Should I use all this or any other ideas and what order should the layers go in
  13. I'm qualified cabinet maker and could build your cabinet if you send me all measurements and design idea also wat colours I can give you a price
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