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  1. Any feed back on this? we cant hear back from the OP until Friday anyway, might as well talk about this in the mean time.
  2. sorry to hijack the thread but if my pumps outlet is 1 1/4" BSP do I make the return that size from the pump to the tank?
  3. The way I understood it, with a sufficiently sized drain the water going out would naturally match the volume of the water going in as it is just overflowing. Have I missed something?
  4. When I set up the sump for my 650L I am doing a 4ft sump. I was looking at two pumps at the same price to pump at a head height of about 2M The "Globle pond1" or the "little giant WGP". I think ether would give me the over filtration that I want for a 650. I wanted to know if any of you guys have used ether of these brands and If they are recommended or not. Here is a link. Multi Purpose | Pumps for Ponds | Fountains | Water Features | Aquariums | computers - industry Thanks Mickthefish
  5. I am going to have a tank empty and dry for about 12 months. Is there a risk of silicon drying out and cracking or anything like that? If so what precautions should I take? Mick
  6. I think I understand now its to do with water pressure (Amount of water in the tank determining the level of water also in the pipe) and gravity. I just got stuck thinking about a siphon sucking. It only sucks the water to the top of where the water line is, then its gravity not water pressure that takes it the rest of the way. When the pump stops and the water level gets lower than the bulk head hole the water doesn't get taken away from the top of the pipe by gravity. Hence the water level in the tank and the pipe equalize at the bottom of the bulk head hole in the side of the tank and everything stops.
  7. If that was the top of the bell ^^^ I would be very pleased if my first drawing works. Now I just need to understand why
  8. Thanks Guys. I think I just need to do some experiments my self to understand. without a siphon break within the tank just below the surface I don't understand how it stops the siphon (but i am dumb) I also thought this might work in a feeble attempt to understand ball stops
  9. Thinking I might have to go with a bell for most suction Like this
  10. Sorry Again I can see a fundamental flaw
  11. could I drill it small enough that not a lot of suction would be lost from the bottom during normal function? Is a bell siphon better?
  12. Hi I am trying to figure out how to siphon to the sump from the bottom of my tank (hopefully to pick up some ****e) without the risk of siphoning off the whole tank in a power outage. A member tryed to explain it to me and I my head it went like this I don't think this is right tho... Does anyone know how to do it??
  13. After much study and pondering I am now thinking, **** it to hard to catch and sex I might just put them all in the 650 and let nature take its course. Is this a terrible idea?
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