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  1. .Hi all, What are some interesting natives to go into a 3ft tank??? Cheers, Cameron
  2. Hi all, some of my fish have gotten white spot and i am selling my fish to a friend soon. how can i treat these fish and what should i do? all advice will be appreciated! Kind regards, Cameron
  3. Hi All, I am wondering if you know any cool native freshwater fish i can put into a 3ft tank. The only fish i will have in there when they go in are: 2 desert gobies 1 Tandanus 1 pleco 2 Siamese flying foxes Kind regards, Cameron
  4. Hi all, I recreantly for a male and female desert goby and i am wondering how easy they are to breed and if they give birth to live fry. Kind regards, Cameron
  5. Hi All, i am looking for a 3ft light that anyone wants to get rid of i will buy one if it is under $150. Kind Regards, Cameron
  6. Thank-you for all of the ideas i named him stabbie!!!!
  7. Hi All, I have a black ghost knife fish and i am trying to think of a name for it. All suggestions will be appreciated Kind Regards, Cameron
  8. Hi all, I have a kuhli loach who's name is Wally. he hides under a piece of driftwood. do any of you know how to get him to come out more often?? Kind Regards. Cameron
  9. Hi all, Do you know any weird fish that can go into a 3ft tank. I already have: 10 neon tetras 4 lyre tail guppies 1 kuhli loach 1 clown loach 1 Pakistani/yo-yo loach 2 glass catfish 3 corydora catfish Kind Regards, Cameron
  10. Hi Everyone today i got 10 new guppies for my 50L tank, the tank already had 6 Neon Tetras 3 Corydoras and 2 kuhli loaches. is my tank starting to get crowded or is there enough room. my tank is 2Ft long Thanks Cameron
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