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    I have always had an interest in fish - beta, goldfish and tetra when I was young to my fish now!
    Two tanks!
    1. ~100 gallon tank - 4 Clown loach, 5 Khuli loach, 3 Blind Cave Tetra, 2 red lizard catfish/pleco, 1 Peppermint pleco, 2 Pearl Gourami, 2 Bumblebee Catfish and 6 Tiger Barbs!
    2. ~125 gallon tank - 2 Jin Kang Flowerhorns - Male - 6-7 inches, Female - 4-5 inches (only babies!) - Separated due to the male chasing the female! :P

    Thanks for reading a little bit about me and my fish!
  1. sorry to comment again, but would a 5 x 1.5x1.5 tank be better for venustus than a 4 x 2 x 2 ? cheers
  2. Cheers None. Would like to say that I truly appreciate all the help and advice you have given me Thank you so much. And also to Donny and everyone else who posted - Thanks ! :)
  3. thanks for that none. I actually have five which are around 10 cm, so I think they will be fine and that sounds like a good plan donny if you try it, keep us updated
  4. That's awesome none! I think I might just go with a colony of venustus. beautiful fish. would I be able to keep clown loaches with them?
  5. Thanks for the reply cod! I think I might just keep the cichlids on their lonesome. thanks again
  6. Ah, too easy! Cheers! So with cichlids, I can keep clown loaches with them correct? I have five already, so I would love to keep them in there with them
  7. ahh, so if I go for ones in the same lake, they all need around the same Ph? So if I were to have a handful of males, and one, as you said Donny, becomes the king of the tank and picks on everything, do I have to put more fish in to share the aggression around?
  8. hmm that's a good suggestion, but do I need to cater for different phs with them?
  9. thanks for the suggestions guys. but I am only interested in a colony due to the messiness of like 45+ fish I would rather 6 fish hahah
  10. ahh ok. so if I were to get 6 venustus, what ratio? maybe 1 male to five females? and I'm not really interested in breeding the fish, I just want to keep them so if I don't want to breed them, do I just let them breed and just let the parents eat them?
  11. awesome. so do you think, with the size of my tank, 150 x 45 x 45, I would be able to keep a colony of 10 venustus cichlids? or will they require a larger tank? so if I do get them, will they breed on their own, or will I need to condition them? and if they do breed and I am left with some fry, what will I do there? will the fry sell quickly, or will I be left with a few tanks full of fish? thanks again
  12. wow! thanks a lot none so if I needed to increase ph I would use sodium bicarbonate or pool salt? I quite like the looks of venustus cichlids, if I were to get them, could I just use gravel as substrate, or would I need to use shellgrit or the mote expensive substrate that you mentioned? also, are venustus cichlids hardy fish in your opinion? sorry about all the questions none, but I want to be certain about everything. thank you very much and I await your reply !
  13. Edit : Sorry guys, should mention that I am interested in a colony of around 10, so if you could recommend ratios aswell, that would be awesome. Thanks again
  14. Hey QLDAF, I have a 90 gallon (340 litre) 5 foot long tank. I have kept many tropical fish, so I understand the basics of fish keeping. However, I am interested in branching out to African cichlids. What I am looking for are stocking ideas of species only, that is, where I can only keep one specie of cichlid in the tank. I have a few questions 1: What setup will I need for the cichlids that you recommend, if any. (Substrate, hiding, etc) 2 : Is the water Phs (high and low) that crucial for ALL African cichlids, or only the majority 3 : How much more care is needed for African Cichlids rather than tropical fish 4 : The cost of setup, purchasing fish, and maintaining the tank and food. Thanks a lot guys. I know I have asked many questions, but I want to ensure that I have everything perfect before I spent a truckload on fish and finding out that I missed a basic step. Thanks in advance guys! Fishboy28
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