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  1. oh i would love too! bit too far to move for a casual position though
  2. my fish love them! swapped straight over from hikari and they seem to condition up and breed sooner on the xtreme
  3. [MENTION=8036]station-rat[/MENTION], how long have you been keeping fish for?
  4. I am well up over 20 holes with my ebay jobbies, most of it 6mm but recently a few holes through 12mm
  5. yes its a red devil, and I would swing towards male but at that size it could still go both ways
  6. pet barn don't buy off bay, they buy of AI, well they did last time I walked into one (a fair while ago now)
  7. yep the chemist will have condies crystals, some pet shops might
  8. so the club is supposed to handle all of the costs associated with running an auction and your supposed to rock up and sell your fish for free? I am not a member of the club, although I donated $250 worth of fish at the last auction, but concider for a 20% cut, you get a venue, advertising, and an AUCTIONEER! you are well off the mark if you think 20% is a large piece of your profit and your not getting any benefit for it!
  9. my fish really seemed to like the algae wafers I got as a trial from the conference, they will be replacing the hikari wafers I think!
  10. The v60 are silent, they don't get hot, they don't vibrate and rattle and did I mention they are silent? I went from a resun piston pump to the hailea v60 and would NEVER go back to a piston pump again, and best of all they are very very simple to repair if you happen to damage a diaphragm, although mine has been running for a couplw years before I sold it and has still not done a diaphragm
  11. I would replace it with a hailea v60 or similar, super quiet and much more energy efficient
  12. so tonight I bought a pair of convicts, the very first fish I bred when I started keeping my own fish......... these guys are true convicts, the father is over 20cm long.....
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