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  1. Should I keep them inside till the end of this cold weather, here in brisbane ??
  2. hahahhah, thanks everyone.
  3. Does anyone know if I can keep 2 in a large tub outside with no heater ?? lots of plants and rocks.... I just need them out my 2 foot tank.
  4. ??? can anyone confirm that its an electric blue marron??? if not what ?
  5. Thank-you everyone, Here is a picture of it.
  6. I have a Male Electric Blue Crayfish I am going to sell on here, but I'm just not sure what price I should put up. Any Cluesss ?? He has also fertilized the female electric blue 2X times. I'm also hoping that no-one is going to rip me of
  7. Shaun1390

    Bristlenose fry commiting suicide

    Sorry guys, but I know for a fact it is not the dechlorinator.... It would be the nitrates or nitrites. I have just done a 50% water change, hopefully it might fix abit of the problem
  8. Shaun1390

    Bristlenose fry commiting suicide

    I am certain, that isn't possible
  9. Shaun1390

    Bristlenose fry commiting suicide

    I always overdose the dechlorinator .... and the temp is 28 degrees
  10. Shaun1390

    Bristlenose fry commiting suicide

    Bump, any more suggestions
  11. Shaun1390

    Bristlenose fry commiting suicide

    hahahahha, the fry is around 4cm now
  12. Shaun1390

    Bristlenose fry commiting suicide

    Do you know any shops that will do a reading near Albany Creek ?? and yes billfish, how many did you want again ??..... just so I remember not to sell yours
  13. Shaun1390

    Bristlenose fry commiting suicide

    Ph - 7 Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 0 I have had the tank setup for 2 months now and this is the first problem i'm having. I also have a large sponge filter running and a 300 watt heater. I also have a decent sized piece of driftwood in the tank too. I recently had my second batch of fry (100 - 150) So I don't want to lose them all
  14. I came home the other night and some of my new bristlenose fry were sitting on the glass just above the water level I have seen 6 of them doing it in the last 3 days ..... I need some advice on how to stop them doing it before they all decide to die The oxygen level is high and I am using 2 sponge filters in a 2 foot tank