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  1. you can buy diamond tip hole saw from bunnings i forget how much but not that expensive and i have used mine over 20 times and they are still going strong,they are easy to use, for your first few times i would make a template out of ply just cut a hole in the ply same size your diamond tip hole saw place the template where you want the the hole in the tank fill the hole in the template with water and drill make sure you keep adding water and dont push let the drill do the work you could practice on off cuts first ,before you know it you will be drilling holes in everything
  2. if you go to your local pottery place you can buy slabs of clay for less than $10 they come in different colours and textures you can easily make 30 breeding logs out of a slab and will cost $20 to $30 to get fired[you have to get them fired]so for about $40 you get 30 logs i have been making them for years with no problems
  3. hi i am after peoples thoughts on the sex of my 397s thanks
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  5. ok that's bigger than what I thought it might be
  6. where did you catch it?fresh or salt
  7. sorry I have 2 pairs in 1 pair in its own tank
  8. hi I bought a couple of humpheads from lfs a while back as fry and after watching them grow I have noticed they have very different dorsal fins both are male one has a short dorsal fin that stops about half way along the tail fin the other much longer going past the tail fin and tapering off to a fine point they have only ever been with other humpheads and for the last 8 months they have been in separate tanks with a female each so my question is, is there a short fin variety and a long fin variety or is one a deformity ,just curious as I would like to breed the true form if there is one,i must say I prefer my short fin male more he has the staunch don't mess with me look the long fin one looks like a bit wimpy with his long flowing tail but still looks good,both females look the same with there dorsal fins being sort of in between the males for length,very interested to hear peoples opinions thank you
  9. thanks for taking the time to reply,yes I am curious if they are a pair [MENTION=7848]PETFISH[/MENTION],pretty sure they are one has a hairy tail the other one doesn't and they have different looking vents,
  10. thanks for that I thought it was just wanted to make sure
  11. hi does anyone know what l number this is?and is it male and female,the one in the third pic has a hairy tail and a slit like vent I am guessing male the other one has a round vent and the tail is no where near as hairy as the other one,any help would be greatly appreciated.thank you
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  13. thanks for that gives me a rough idea
  14. sorry should have mentioned 4ft tank set at 28 room is 24-26
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