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  1. I'm in the same boat, also in T-Vill. i have found 1 website that sells starters though. however i'm not going to name them as they are not a sponsor. bit of a trick to filter out all the overseas websites in google, in tools change from any country to australia. i have been reluctant to get them as of yet for fear they won't make the trip through summer but plan on it when things cool down.
  2. Its an Aqua One Windsor 88. They haven't made them for a few years
  3. this shape. radius is 88cm, 60cm high
  4. is 10mm a deep substraight? did you mean 5-10cm? i do have a range of small tanks i use for hospital and quarantine. its interesting you mentioned plants because one of the reasons i decided to go for tangs is that i wouldnt need to or be tempted to plant it. All my other tanks have plants and i wanted something different. personally i think a species only brichardi would be awesome. but a whitish fish on white sand, even with a dark background may look boring to my girlfriend and i need her to at least like the look of it. considering she doesn't like the time, space or money my tanks use haha.
  5. So I have cleared out a 92gal corner bowfront and have decided i want to go Tanganyikan. Hardscape idea crushed coral sand 1mm. what depth do you guys recommend? medium size larva rock, 5 piled in center back, 3 lone rocks along front. stockng 2 of the following 4 x Neolamprologus brichardi, 4 x Neolamprologus leleupi or 4 x Julidochromis ****feldi i want to see some breeding from at least one species and have small numbers of fry make it to adulthood without intervention. but the other half wants there to be some colour. suggestions? maybe a small group of small cats. Synodontis petricola? should i get anything for the upper parts of the tank? it is 2' tall.
  6. Live BBS seemed to work for me. not that i was trying for it.
  7. So basically I currently have a 4x2x1.5. Livestock is a bit all over the place at the moment, waiting for some stock to be picked up. But anyway its going to be a planted Discus tank, some juvi discus already calling the tank home. Plants are crypts and val with anubis on driftwood. The current substrate is gravel, from bunnings originally i think. I run moderate light and pressurised CO2. So to give my plants a boost and to try and buffer my ph down, it keeps creeping up which the discus obviously don't appreciate. I have purchased some ADA amazonia from one of the sponsors and would like any ideas/experience you guys have with doing a full substrate swap and also with preparing ADA soil to prevent ammonia spikes Thanks
  8. I am unsure of your cylinders thread type and your link is broken. But for my CO2 I purchased from CO2Art in the UK they have a wide range of stuff I picked up a dual stage regulator with industry standard thread (UK and AUS have different names for their standard CO2 thread but they are identical, the US one is different), needle valve, bubble checker/non-return valve, diffuser, drop checker and gas line. As well as a solenoid valve, which makes things a lot easier(available with AUS plug which is great). All up I think i payed AU$201 and there are certainly cheaper options and they have regulators to fit other thread types, paintball canisters and the like.
  9. .So long story short i purchased a small cheep 2nd hand tank including the livestock pretty much only for the shrimp which are worth more than i paid or the whole tank. most of the shrimp are low grade sunkist but the tank was overstocked with fish and very dirty so we will see if they colour up. Anyway there is one female blue cherry of pretty good colour. now my problem is I have no blue gene male. i was thinking about breeding her with a different colour male and back-crossing the offspring with her. so my question is what should i expect to see in generation 1, 2, 3 etc and also what male would you think best for this? i have red cherry males, yellow cherry males (with good colour), poor quality sunkist males and some wild type from red rilli x yellow
  10. i caught this little guy in a local stream and have no idea what he is. he appears to be still colouring up. it could defiantly be a hybrid though the waterways around here are full of cichlids. sorry for the bad pic but he only stays still when he is looking at me face on.
  11. Little is known about the snail and there is no online information about it in the aquarium. The following is my opinion based on research and my own experience. Psychical Description : they grow to about 9mm shell diameter they come in many pattern and colour variations. Water parameters: They require hard water with a pH of at least 7 to prevent shell erosion. however, i have had blue rams spawn in a tank with them so the water doesn't have to be ridiculous hard or have a really high pH. Copper should be avoided but i have some in a a tank dosed daily with ferts containing copper. they can tolerate poor water conditions and will survive pretty much anything any tropical fish can. Temperature: I have kept them in tanks from 16 to 32 degrees without fatalities although they seem to be most active around 27 Behavior: They prefer to be near the surface of the tank when not feeding but will reach all areas of the tank looking for algae and diotomes. They have not caused damage to any of my plants even when there is no algae. They are able to hold themselves on the surface of the water and consume bio film as well. death can occur due to them falling onto their backs and not being able to rite themselves and starving or being preyed upon. This is most common on fine sand substrate as they are unable to get a firm hold. A lid is a must as they do venture above the water line. Breeding: There is no consensus among studies on their breeding habit with reports of marine only to brackish and freshwater. However, i have had them breed in water approximately 50/50 salt to fresh and not attempted fully freshwater breeding. Like other nerites they lay small white egg packets on the hardscape but they are much smaller and more inconspicuous than eggs of other nerites. Compatibility: avoid placing them with large or snail eating species. shrimp and bottom swelling species will sometimes eat a snail that is stuck on its back.
  12. i dont know what happened there but thanks again anyways.
  13. Thanks for the quick an well organised reply.
  14. Thanks for the quick an well organised reply.
  15. I would be interested in selling some livestock over the coming months and would like your ideas on different shipping methods and successes/problems with different carriers.
  16. i have never had a berried female smaller than 1.5cm and as for males i have no clue because i have never kept a tank with only juveniles. but some animals maturity is dependent on age not size and a smaller female just has less eggs. i dont know how red cherries go with this though but just keep that in mind.
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