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    Form the WEST side.
    been in the aquarium game for years.
    keep exotics and tank busters.
    few rays, bass, shovelnose cat, lge plecos etc.
    also got a few pythons.
    ford fanatic, got a bombed out restored 68 XT falcon that I drive to pick up my fishes :)

    using this site to help find some more oddballs since the WA scene is a bit bare.
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    cars, motorbikes, tattoos, fish and reptiles
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  1. Bump. Any QLDers getting small jardinis? I know season is most likely over now.
  2. Afternoon guys. Curious as to whether any one can comment on availability or accessibility of Saratoga jardini. I'm sure this may have been discussed before. We for one over here in WA haven't seen any juvies available for 3 odd seasons now, leis are coming through by the dozens and personally I love the Jardinis best of the 2 and would love to keep another. Years ago we would get them more readily then lei's, seem to have swung the opposite way now. Thanks in advance. Jules
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