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  1. It wont last mate. Seen the teeth on a dovii? I am yet to see one in a community tank long term mate. The only thing that survives with mine is a biiiiig pleco. Everything else, big or small = lunch.
  2. So on a recent holiday I managed to find myself some really nice bits of mangrove root. I have done some renovations in the 8ft tank (gotten rid of the large piece of wood I had before as it was leaching massive amounts of tannins). Fish seem very happy with the new set up! Photos were taken at feeding time with an iPhone so pretty bloody hard to see anything... The orange flash in the last one is one of the Coatzacolcos cichlids I recently acquired from BarryToucher. They are starting to colour up very nicely! The are voracious eaters though and love a bit of zucchini! So, current stock levels in the 8ft are now: 2 x Brasiliensis 3 x blue acara 2 x ellioti 3 x green terror 1 x albino sailfin 5 x bristlenose 2 x suckerfish catfish thingies 1 x Siamese algae eater 3 x coatzacolcos 1 x jack dempsey 1 x convict
  3. Val will grow fine in gravel mate but it will need light, and ferts. I just use root tabs because they are easy and I dont have to remember to drop in the liquid stuff. YOu can get it to grow fine, but as I said you will need light. Anubias will be the go. Make sure the rhyzome (stem bit) isn't covered up by anything, I.E dont bury it in the gravel. I just zip tie it to a bit of wood.
  4. Sure is mate. He's about twice the size now!
  5. Hey mate. What sort of substrate are you using?? Could be purely that your val isnt getting enough nutrients. Main issue is probably lights though mate, if you dont have any aquarium lights with the right spectrum of colour your plants wont grow well. If you dont want lights then val probably isnt the best plant. Java fern will grow in anything, or so i've found. Anubias is also very low light tolerant and will be happy in that environment. Only other suggestion I could make, depending on your subtrate, is to try some root tabs or something to get some nutrients into the val. I put root tabs around all of my gravel planted stuff and it makes a big difference. John at the tech den can sell you a big jar of them for a good price.
  6. I'm pretty confident we can resurrect the "Blackwater Fish Empire" which once was mate Just gotta control the wife rage...
  7. Yeah I figured they are a pretty tough little customer. They do have plenty of protection anyway! I might try a re-introduction on the weekend while I can keep tabs on em'. See how we go I guess! Plenty of cover for him in that tank so he should be fine.
  8. Wow, that is very interesting. I really wonder how my Dovii would go... I am thinking that eventually he would get used to the Pleco and leave it alone, but I was just a bit too worried to leave it in there while I went to work incase I came home to find a mauled pleco (which I paid like $80 for)... Maybe I could just reintroduce on a weekend and keep tabs on him or something?
  9. I am running an FX6 on my 6ft, have had it running now for around 8 months. Have not had 1 problem with it. I am considering replacing my Aqua One Nautilus 1400 UV's with another FX6, mainly because the FX6 seems to require much less cleaning. My water is crystal clear too. Great filter Only thing better is a sump I spose
  10. Nice Dovii there mate! Great colours. Looks very much like my fella
  11. I have two in my american community tank and they are completely fine. I would say they are the most placid of the fish in my tank. They will hold their own against firemouths, but they wont harass them. I would imagine they would be completely fine with loaches and angels.
  12. Mate you've already seen my Dovii! I am the guy who picked up the Coatzacoalcos cichlids from you the other night...
  13. Question for the experts... I have about an 11" male Dovii on his own in a 6x2x2 tank. I have put in about a 22cm sailfin pleco to try and keep the algae under control. The dovii seems mostly just curious about the pleco so far. Do you think the dovii will have a go at him? I dont want to risk it if I go to work and he tries to murder my pleco.... I figured pleco's are usually pretty hardy and would be alright?
  14. Get some things that eat algae... Easiest would be shove in 3 or 4 bristlenose cats. Alternatively you could try siamese algae eaters (flying fox), pleco's, or some flagtails. I have an 8x2x2 which i never have to clean for algae. Ever. It has 3 x bristelnose, 1 x large pleco and a flying fox. Job done.
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