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  1. Historically Beer has proven to be the mother of many great inventions! Cheers, Scotty
  2. Hi Craig, I would suggest adding one or two hardy fish to provide you with an ammonia source as it is far too hard to find pure ammonia in Australia to start a fishless cycle. The majority of ammonia is excreted directly from the fish, not just from uneaten food and fecal matter. The ammonia is excreted passively via the gills. Nevertheless, you want to be careful not to overfeed fish as their feces will contribute to higher ammonia levels. If the ammonia gets high too quickly they will probably die before your tank is done cycling. It is very important that you not put more than one or two fish in your tank to cycle it. It is critical that your nitrite levels stabilize at zero before you introduce more fish into the tank. This may take more than a couple of weeks, so monitor your nitrite levels every other day during the cycling period. You don't need to bother monitoring the ammonia since it will peak before the nitrite. Nitrite will be the critical factor in determining if your tank has completed its cycling period. Cheers, Scotty
  3. Hi Craig, You are correct in assuming without an ammonia source your bacteria will die off. It takes about two weeks for the first group of bacteria (nitrosomonas) to become mature enough to convert all the ammonia in your tank to nitrite. During this period, your ammonia levels will steadily increase, potentially reaching very toxic levels. Following the establishment of nitrosomonas bacteria, it takes the next group of bacteria (nitrospira) about 14 days to mature to a level that they can convert all of your tank's nitrite into nitrate. Once your tank has an established colony of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria, your ammonia and nitrite levels should be zero, or very close to it. Your nitrate levels, on the other hand, will continue to increase over time; that is, unless you have a means of removing it. While nitrate is much more safe than its predecessors, it can become toxic if you let it build up ad finitum. The two most common methods for removing nitrate are either through the use of aquarium plants (who need it to grow) or through regular water changes. Note that a single water change will not permanently solve your problem; it will just alleviate the problem for a week or two. For this reason, regular 30% water changes are strongly recommended. Hope this helps, Cheers, Scotty
  4. Thanks mate! It appears you share my love of large tanks full of timber! nice discus too!
  5. A few updates first is 5x2x2 Frontosa Colony Next is 6x2x1.5 african tank Last is 5x1.5x1.5 Red Devil Tank Thanks for looking Scotty
  6. Thanks Mick, Looks like i'll be giving them a trim on the weekend though! Cheers, Scotty
  7. This thread still going! time for some updates: 3 foot planted: Electric Yellow chuck together tank: Nano's:
  8. hahahaha GL i've got 11 tanks and my own forum and IM flat out getting a discount! (that's not entirely true there are some great shops out there) hahaha probably more to the point though is i'm willing to pay for quality
  9. Jesus christ mate!!! LOL do urself a favour and have a chat to Russ from Redlands pet center geez even Exotics at rocklea would be cheaper than that!
  10. thats good. It will work fine, a waste of money imo but it will work I woulda spent $20 instead on a pouch of purigen Cheers, Scotty
  11. yeah thats probably your problem right there, you killed off all your denitrifying bacteria when you cleaned the filter probably should have left it dirty and run for a couple of weeks until things settle down. Bomb it with 5x prime until you get it tested, if you are lucky it will be a simple algae bloom which will go away by itself after a few days in the meantime have a read of this: Clicky Cheers, Scotty
  12. did you re-use the filter/filter media? or do you have a running filter off another tank you could put straight into it?
  13. sick! thanks for sharing mate!
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