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  1. Have you checked your KH and GH. Rainwater lacks the essential minerals to maintain the optimum water chemistry. The pH test you show in the photos appears low and you may be getting pH swings. Try testing the pH in the morning and evening if you have the time. The problem with the pH kit showing the lowest yellow colour means it is at the end of the range of the test kit and the pH may even be lower than the kit indicates. The fish you noted as dying are usually the first to go when the water is unstable. Algae is also an indicator that something is out of balance in your aquarium. Do some research on KH and water stability and chemistry. Also your list of fish seems excessive for a 65 litre tank. At the very least the numbers would be pushing the boundaries of water stability.
  2. Thanks for the tip. This is one I have never thought of. I have some similar sized mesh tank dividers so will give it a go once the female recovers a bit more.
  3. Hi guys, thanks for the tips. I was going to give curviceps breeding a miss but will give them one more go and add your tips to the mix. As old age creeps up I am cutting back on the number of tanks I keep for breeding and grow out and have some other fish I am interested in, so if the curviceps don't play the game this time I will cut my losses and move on.
  4. Over the past 12 months or so I have had three breeding pairs of Laetacara curviceps form. Each time they have been put in a breeding tank with no other tankmates. They go through all the motions, cruise around together, clean a rock and lay eggs and begin tending the eggs. Then the night following the egg laying they destroy the eggs and the male rips the female to pieces, killing her. It has been different males and females each time and different batches from different suppliers. The breeding tank is a 70 litre tank, fairly heavily planted with sand substrate and some rocks for breeding sites. Has anyone struck this sort of problem before and does anyone have any tips or solutions?
  5. How do the member rankings work or do they work at all? Examples noted in the mailings: Junior Member 171 posts, reputation 13 Advanced Member 43 posts, rep.10 Member 210 posts, rep 98 Advanced Member 63 posts, rep 3 Member 210 posts, rep 98 Doesn't seem to make any sense and what are the reputation figures anyway?
  6. Sounds like you need to ease back on the feeding. Don't know much about auto feeders but if you can, halve the amount at each feeding. Watch your fish at feeding time and make sure the food is all eaten in 30 seconds or so. Also make sure all the fish are getting some food. Tetras tend to go into a feeding frenzy and may cut the Guppies out of their share. Cut back the feeding for a couple of days and then if possible cut back to one feed in 24 hours. During the changes keep an eye on the fish to ensure they are feeding ok. Don't let them con you, fish have the knack of always looking hungry which sucks people in to overfeeding. Make sure you feed as far out from lights off or dark as possible so the fish have time to clean up any leftovers.
  7. Adding salt is probably not a smart move, the Guppies can take it but Tetras are soft water fish and the salt can do harm. How many fish do you have in the tank? Your first post says 30 fish which is understocked for that size tank, later you say 60 fish which is probably close to capacity. How much are you feeding the fish? Even slight overfeeding with water changes at three weekly intervals can cause a tank to go smelly. Also what do you mean by smelly? A healthy tank can have a slight earthy smell up close (not unpleasant) but if the tank smells off or sour I would suspect overfeeding.
  8. I have Petworx LEDS on all my planted tanks. They are great on 12 inch deep tanks and fair on 18 inch deep tanks but I think 18 inches deep are the limit of their light for plant growth. I wouldn't consider them for growing plants in a 2 foot deep tank. They are also limited to growing low and medium light plants, they do not have the power for high light plants. Also the legs on them are crap, they are hard to adjust and tend to jam up.
  9. Great idea. I have a small colony of half a dozen Anomalochromis thomasi and forgot about their snail killing habits. I'll split them up into pairs and put them to work. Hopefully get them to breed at the same time. Thanks for the tip Rod.
  10. Thanks for the advice but not really the solution I had in mind. Clown Loaches can grow up to a foot long and are a schooling fish. Too big for my small setup. Guess I'll see what chemicals the LFS sell and take a punt on using it.
  11. Is there a safe snail killer around for use in freshwater planted tanks with the fish still in them. My tanks are plagued with miniature flat ramshorn snails that only get to about 2 mm big. I am using snail traps which get rid of the bulk of them but there are always a few left and they breed like rabbits. I don't like using chemicals in the tank but want to wipe out these pests once and for all. Regards, Vic
  12. Recently read where scientists have worked out earth's atmosphere is mainly nitrogen but the atmosphere around Uranus is rotten egg gas (Hydrogen Sulfide).
  13. Either that or give us a few hints about it, like colour, is it firm or slimy and generally what it looks like.
  14. I have found these leeches in my tanks from time to time. I think they are pretty harmless. You usually find them stuck to the bottom of ornaments or filter bases. If you find any lift them out carefully with a pair of tweezers and discard. If you decide on more radical treatments seen in Google etc. come back to the forum and run it past the members before you start. The Sterazin you are trying will not affect these leeches but is handy to keep on hand for other problems.
  15. They look like snail leeches. Best bet is to Google 'snail leeches in aquarium'. The information on them is a bit vague but there are some treatments mentioned.
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