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  1. Have you got any advice you could share as to what direction I should be heading with my tank of 96L? I'm going to let my partner choose a couple of fish, my interest is more coral and fish probably won't be being added for a few months. I'm still waiting for my tank to cycle and as of tomorrow it will be 1 week old, so I am thinking 2-3 weeks more and I should be ready to start adding some coral. My tank has 36.6w of lighting in a 600x400x400 tank - 96L, with a filter flow rate of 1300L/hr. I was told at my lfs I didn't need a chiller, what can I and more to the point where should I start when it comes time to put some coral in there?
  2. Mate, your tank looks amazing. I have just purchased my first saltwater tank of 96L. If I could get my tank to look 1/5 as good as that I will be ecstatic!
  3. Hi mate, look up Beencees DIY substrate on this forum, I'm trying it at the moment in a 60L and everything is looking great for now, 0 algae and getting some good plant growth! Also in my experience, the amount of light needed is dependant upon what you are trying to grow, and how fast you want it to grow. Keep in mind that faster growth is obviously higher maintenance.
  4. My 60L jungle tank using DIY substrate! Once everything starts growing I'm hoping it will just look mass planted. CO2 and ferts being used initially to speed up growth. The lighting is 1 24w compact fluorescent bulb therefore all plants in the tank are low light!
  5. Having issues uploading photos, more to come tonight!
  6. Some more pics, lots of the plants were old so I have replanted. Not to sure what the issue is with the Blyxa so any help would be appreciated. The substrate in this tank is flourite black sand.
  7. Will put up better pictures tomorrow and run down my smaller set up!
  8. Hi all! Just re-did my 4ft Juwel Rio aquarium. I'm hoping it looks quite nice in a few months. I had also obtained a small 60L tank from my parents place when they moved house. I decided to try a DIY substrate seen on this forum by Beencees! Most of my plants came from him to, great quality, good price.. Something that LFS's in my area should strive to achieve. My 4ft- 2x45w T5HO Pressurised CO2 Ferts - Flourish Excel/Potassium/Iron, Seachem Flora Plants; - Ludwiga Repens - Rotala Wallichii - Thin Val - Anubias Barteri var. nana - Java Fern (needle + normal) - Crypt Wendtii, Undulatus, Willisii - Fossiden Moss - Dwarf Blyxa - Staurogen Repens - HC - Lilliaepolis
  9. Hi, can you get alder cones in Australia or is there a similar thing that looks good with almond leaves?
  10. So apart from the colour, It would be better for plant growth? So 90watts of nature is more beneficial than 45watts of nature and 45 watts of day light? Am I going to experience mass algae problems or a fully planted tank would benefit more from dual nature globes?
  11. Hi guys, after some help with juwel aquarium lighting. I need to replace my light globes as my plants seem to be yellowing a bit. My question, would 2 nature globes be better than 1 nature and 1 day light even though they say one and one work in conjunction with one another? I'm no expert but are they just saying i get the complete spectrum with one of each globes? I think I want more light around the 64-6500k temp so my plants stay greener. At present I tried glowing glosastigma with no success so I'm 90% sure it's light related. Let me know need some help!!!
  12. i bought some flourish excel today, however it says that it is nitrate free. hmm .... i have asked them to order me in flourish iron and flourish potassium. Do those products contain nitrate as the bioload in my tank is not going to be huge - 8 otos and 32 shrimp.
  13. Need some answers please guys ? Or maybe a suggestion as to a better forum where I can find some experts to talk to. Shrimp friendly ferts?
  14. nitrate is at 0ppm ... may not be a light issue given the hairgrass is ok but also got a couple of brown strands. Starting to think some sort of macro deficiency.. Def need some ferts, any other thoughts please.
  15. Glossostigma has been in my tank for 1 week now. I am noticing that some of the leaves are going clear and im not getting much lateral growth what so ever. My substrate is black flourite. Lighting in my Juwel aquarium are the 9000k 45w Day light globe supposedly working in conjunction with a 45w 6000k Nature globe. My water Ph 6.4 - Kh 2-3 - Gh 4. I am currently getting between 24.0-35.0 co2 mg/L. Not to sure, but would that make this a light issue? I have not been dosing ferts as of yet and am possibly curious as to what i should be dosing. 180L juwel rio aquarium - standard nothing extra but co2. I keep shrimp so i cant harm my little badboys. please help me out before my tank starts going backwards. Other plants include blyxa, hairgrass,ambulia,rotala winchhii,dwarf chain sword, anubias barteri var. nana. All going well but the glossto.
  16. If i have issues with it once more, as i have already replaced the power head once, i will definitely cut it out and add a canister as my local fish store stocks no replacement juwel aquarium things... which is an issue in itself.. I wish there were more freshwater enthusiasts in the area, as buying from other enthusiasts tends to be cheaper and live products tend to be better quality. I am looking at starting a shrimp breeding set up however it will be outside under my patio. Is this a bad thing? They should do alright wont they? I have read that shrimp can handle the cooler water which will be guaranteed during winter, however they grow slower and breeding isnt as prolific. Makes sense really, being cold blooded. Anyone got any ideas or thoughts? Only time will tell how my juwel goes i suppose, will post more pics as tank starts growing. Would love peoples thoughts and ideas on keeping and breeding shrimp, and the planted tank
  17. Nah, still have filter only time it is annoying is when it comes Time to clean it. I get great co2 circulation through out the tank with the outflow the way it is. Will flourish excel still not be better than just flourish? Also I would have thought, doing my own research, an ondividual iron and potassium fert would be the way to go give the plants I have. I'm no expert, so I am still a little unsure. I will have CBS in there tomorrow so I don't want any ferts high in copper as they are pricey shrimp in Australia.
  18. okay, my substrate is Flourite black sand, and my lighting is juwel standard - 895mm 45w T5 nature light and 895mm T5 daylight. The Nature light being the grow light I am pretty sure. Also, do i dose flourish excel with a co2 system in my tank? that is fine? Also should i be using 2 x nature lights in there instead of one nature bulb? it is 180litre tank so i am thinking possibly 165-170L with substrate and rocks/plants etc, even 160L maybe.
  19. Could you give me the product names as I can then google them and buy them I will get another 5 ottos this week then, cheers for the advice mate
  20. Hi fellow fish tank peeps!! I've recently moved house and have just redone my 4ft aquarium. I have never done a complete planted tank before but i intend to have the whole tank covered in plant life. The plants i have used in my tank include the following; - Anubias Barteri var. Nana ( i really was after petite but the supplier of my local fish store is pathetic and doesn't list scientific names.. Pisces. ) - Dawrf Hairgrass ( again from same supplier .. cant believe the snails. ) - Dwarf Blyxa ( Same supplier .. poor quality on arrival, could not believe it. ) - Ambulia - Rotala Wallichii - Dwarf Chain Sword - Glossostigma ( Dwarf Chains and Glosso came from serene aquarium - who i will use in future as plant health was a amazing on arrival. ) The things i am not sure about in a mass planted tank however are the fertilisers i should use, should i be looking for individual fertilisers or should i use a broad spectrum that covers all? Given the quality of the blyxa i ordered, i am already observing the occurance of diatoms on the leaves and i am hoping this does not spread onto my other plants in the aquarium. Correct me if i am wrong, but a broad spectrum fertiliser might lead to an abundance of unwanted minerals in my aquarium that could stimulate increased alage growth and i am thinking if that were to happen given a complete planted aquarium, results could be disastrous. What fertilisers do the enthusiast's use? I love my tank and I really want to breed shrimp and L numbers in the future so I am after any and all information on keeping the planted tank! My partner loves her cat, but i think i love my fish more haha! I have no fish or shrimp in my tank at present, but will be receiving some crystal black shrimp and yellow cherries tuesday/wednesday next week as well as 5 otocinclus i have ordered from my local fish store. All these i believe will aid my plants keeping their leaves clean for maximal growth. ( in theory haha ) Please if you have an advice for planted tank fertilisers and how to dose and deliver within the aquarium, i would be very appreciative. I can only get so much info from my local fish store, as sometimes i know what they tell me is incorrect. But it is all business to them at the end of the day. Cheers, Toddfish88
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