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  1. Tanks been up and running for about 5 years. It's a 4x2x2.5 with a external canister at 2200lph. Had tropicals for most of the time but only recently change over to Africans Cichlids. I can test atm, but I'm looking at a new kit as my current one is almost out. Added some more rocks over the weekend and left the floating plants in. Can anyone recommend a good quality food for the new fish they are about 3-5cm? Thanks for the welcome.
  2. Hi all, Just wanted to say hello, I joined up on the recommendation from a user hear up in cairns after buying some fish off him. I have only recently moved over to cichlid's from tropical's and started off with some small; 2 x aulonocara fire fish 4 x electric yellows 1 x elongatus chewere 4 x labidochromis mbamba All still looking good but its only been about 5 days. I have attached a photo of my current setup for any advise I can get, I will be removing the floating weed and adding some more caves in the next 2 days. I found a lot of the info on this site a great and no doubt be on often. Talk to you later Mark
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