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  1. Mark is cool, bought from him numerous times when I started off. He has better cichlids than LFS I reckon
  2. Hahaha must be Donny's stash lol
  3. I drove passed this avo, definitely closed. Yeh it's split, look at ipswich, their 'show public holiday' was in May. Now that's weird! LoL
  4. Show Public holiday for Logan on Monday
  5. Just leave it, if she's holding she may have just ingested some eggs. Don't wanna rattle her up too much, she might swallow the whole batch
  6. My Tropheus are all 24° but I do lower the temp sometimes. It helps to lower the fighting
  7. Ziss tumblers are awesome. Less air (u can run 3 with a very small air pump), easy to clean and easy too feed the fry. There's a guy in one of the FB groups that sells them for about $40-$45 because he bought in bulk. I don't think he posts though, just pick up.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. I'll give ya hand. Instead of the feed why don't you just give me the beers lol. What time you reckon on July 5? If I don't have work then, I'll give ya a hand. If the tank is ready to be moved today, I'm free and I have a friend with me to help as well.
  10. Really? Sweet...How much you reckon? And when? I live near Browns Plains (South of Brissy)

  11. Hiya, I asked u about those firefin juvies of yours a while back, I was wondering if you would part with maybe 2 of them? I have Gold Comp and Black calvus juvies round about 2cm as well, I would really like to add them to the collection.... Gold comp, black & white calvus, sumbu and hopefully a firefin. Let me know, if not, that's cool. 😊

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