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  1. thanks heaps it is a mercury 125gph but the pump ihave with it is a 300 gph and the skimmer has to be adjusted closed of by more then half lf to get the water level up thanks
  2. Hay guys i need help with my skimmer it is a 125 gph skimmer venture type just wondering what size powerhead would i need to run it thanks
  3. hay guys and girls just wonderig what size chiller i need for my 4ft x 2 x 2 with a 3ft x 18 inchs x 18 inchs sump all up about 500 liters may be less with live rock also what brand would u recomend thanks Steve
  4. hi all i have a nice little 36 x 18 x 18 and would like to setup a saltwater tank. the question is to sump or canister what size protein skimmer and do i need a chiller and if ucould think of anything else i might need would be great thanks Steve
  5. just need to know what size hole i hav to drill for a 25mm bulkhead cheers Steve
  6. Thanks Roboat just wondering what u mean as u said u woulduse 2 1 1/4" bulkheads then u said 3 25mm bulkheads, so if i drill 2 outlets 1 inlet what size bulkkheads an what size pipes (supply x 2 to sump and return x 1 to tank) i have an 1800 lph power head to stir up the tank Cheers Steve
  7. hi all just a few question what size sum r my 6ft tank (6ft x 2 x 2). Flow rate for pump Size of bulkheads and pipe and also where is the best place to drill the tank Cheers Steve
  8. how many electric yellows can i put in a 36 x 18 x 18 inch tank. Cheers Steve
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