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  1. ahhh ok, not sure what i was thinking of then maybe a wormer. thanks for your help guys really appreciate it
  2. yeh i think ive used protozin to treat other diseases back in the day, comes in tablet form and is not very concentrated?? therefore in 800L i would need loads of it... cost is cheap compared to a couple thousand dollars of discus biting the dust, i will monitor it over the next few days and treat if i have to. do you know if protozin will make me little shrimpies bite the dust?
  3. So i did what i didnt want to do and turned my discus tank into a community tank, 6x2x3 heavily planted and now stocked with 12 large discus school of cardinals school of embas, 5x rams, cherry shrimp and 5 threadfin rainbows. just recently added the rainbows, on the weekend to be precise, and now the 3 males appear to have early stages of whitespot, however are still feeding and displaying to females showing nosign of stress. i realised just now after doing a water change on the weekend i havnt had my heater on, so before i put these fish in the temp has been somewhere below 26d, so ive just put it back on which willbump my temp up to between 28-30d. my question is, having never had whitespot issues in all my years of fish keeping, will the disease go away without treating? will it pass onto other fish reguardless of their immunity? what can i treat the tank with thats not going to kill my plants? my water parameters are perfect, ph 6.5-7 and temp will soon be back up to 28-30. please help!
  4. nOrCo_me

    Black worms for discus

    thanks for the feedback guys, i recently got onto some quality dried blackworms and my shy turqs came right up and ate out of my hands! and just put another 4 good size discus in over the weekend and they all just wont stop eating! with ten discus the sense of urgency to eat is ridiculous, like feedin a pack of dogs.
  5. nOrCo_me

    Black worms for discus

    Thanks for replies guys, yeh ive got rams in the tank and will soon have more discus and some tetras too. so at the moment i guess theres not a huge sense of urgency to eat but they are hungry all the time and eat when they can, just worried my two big turqs arnt getting enough cause theyre picky, and if i feed more black worms into their diet and they consume that more than the other stuff im feeding i dont want worms or bloat or anything like that to arise and be an issue.
  6. Gday guys, ive got six discus now, and had them for over 5 weeks, they were a little slow to start eating but eventually got there four of them eat anything no worries at all, but i have a pair of large blue turqs that took the longest to start eating, i fed them live black worms for a week and they went mental over them and were eating really well, however now that im not feeding live BW they seem to just mouth the food more than anything and im worried theyre not getting wat they need, whats peoples opinions on live black worms for these guys? how often should you feed them? is it safe to be a big part of theyre diet? let us know your experiences please!
  7. nOrCo_me

    Kh/gh help

    yeah not using CO2, got java fern in there and another type of fern that are thriving, various anubias arnt too bad, seems to be my swords doing the worse, one i threw out, and got three amazons just hanging in there. one was thriving it even sprouted new plants everywhere but seems to be just dying off now. the only thing i can think of is the substrate which is a type of black gravel, i know some are bad, but i did put some in a bucket, filled it and buffered it and my parameters didnt change. is there a product other than discus buffer that specifically brings down the KH/GH? only other thing ive done recently out of the norm is a put root tabs into the gravel, about 5 of, 550L aquarium...
  8. Gday again guys, recently i had posted issues i was having with high Ph in my newly set up plant/discus tank, after setting up a few tests i took all your advice and buggered off a large amount of slate i had in the tank. my Ph is now sitting fairly balanced on around 6.8-7.0 better than the previous 7.6-7.8. i notcied my plants are not particularly thrving and after doing a KH/GH test its sitting at around 9 drops (after adding a softening pillow) its was on around 12 drops! ive since added some more driftwood and pete moss, how do i get it down to where the discus and plants will thrive and keep it there!
  9. havnt tested my buckets yet but will do shortly, i just had a look and found out the name of this new bio media im using which i may be sus on, its called 'marinepure' spheres. had anyone used these before? as the name suggests 'marine' im wondering if it has some sort of alkaliser in it? anyone got any info on this stuff?
  10. Thanks for the replies fellas, i have piss all aeration in the tank so that wouldnt be a factor. i have set up a few buckets for some testing so fingures crossed i get some answers by tomorrow. id be devod to loose my slate stacks but that would be an easier fix then changing my gravel out. so can anyone recommend anything to combat a rising PH that would be potent enough? anyone used peat? can you buy it in a form that wont dis-colour your water? i think my PH niches out at 7.8 at the moment. hasnt seemed to clime anymore. and yes discus community, probably 6 discus, few schools of tetras and ass. rams.
  11. gday guys, i am having abit of a freakout at the moment and am hoping i can get some good news. ive just set up a 5ft aquarium approx 550l. and when i say just set up, its been running in now for about abit over a month, i have 2 slate stacks running up each corner of the tank and have it heavily planted with assorted swords, anubias on driftwoods, ferns, lilliopsis etc, with the intentions of having as a discus tank with few tetras etc. My issue is, i have BLACK substrate and upon doing a PH test and nearly dropping to the floor with a PH close to 8.0 i do further investigation and find some black gravels have basalt in it raising the PH. i was unaware this particular gravel had basalt in it and am wondering if it is my actual problem. the gravel is natural looking, not jet black, has flecks of white/cream in it. its the only thing i can think of affecting my PH, im running 3 canisters, but all biological sub. is ceramic as far as i know, i am trying these new bio balls that have a very large surface area and appear like bleached coral, looking calcium based, but are perfectly round, but ive been assured theyre ceramic. is there something, some element or product i can use to counter-act the rasing of the PH by the gravel, if it is so that, and bring the PH back down in discus tolerance, or am i doomed and have to rip everything up and start again. so stressed, the tank is beautiful, and it doesnt even have fish in yet! (further information, after noticing the PH was high, i added discus buffer repeatidly and just had it spike up again over days)
  12. nOrCo_me

    New Eureka Red Breeding Colony

    i would hope not cause that fish in the first picture in the background specifically to the left isnt a eureka red or an Aulonocara species in general, hope you didnt get diddled mate! ive been diddled from that southport store before!
  13. nOrCo_me

    New Eureka Red Breeding Colony

    Are they the only species of fish you have in that tank?
  14. gday guys, im just in search of an arowana, any type, and was wondering if any1 knows where to get them or who i can get them off. cheers