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  3. Hey Matt When they hatch they are tiny. I pop them in a bare bottomed fry tank and feed them microworms, freeze dried baby brine shrimp cysts & finely crushed flake twice a day. I do a 25-35% w.c every day, and every second day scrape bottom and sides of tank with an old credit card to remove biofilm. Being Bottom Dwellers they are a bit susceptable to fungus belly. When they get a bit bigger, I add grindals & NLS Grow. I'd keep your moss in fry tank with them, mine like to graze on it. Good luck!
  4. Although I don't keep Africans, I jhave used a product called No-Planaria for ridding tanks of snails. It wipes out planaria, also has a nice side effect of eliminating snails. Company manufactures shrimp products and it has no effect on shrimp or fry - although can only say that is what is said by the company, and I've had no ill efffects on my shrimp/shrimplets and in my community fish tank...haven't used it in a fry tank. If you have a look on the aquariumlife website, there are a few people on there that sell it. It IS expensive though... but very effective. Main thing with snails, is don't overfeed your fish. if you do use no -planaria, prepare to do some gravel vacs for a few days after using to ensure you get rid of snail corpses. Thsi will eliminate risk of ammonia/nitrite spike from decaying snails.
  5. My air pump in aged water bin crapped out - but I only found out after weekly water change. Can only assume that water has been sitting still (and at 26 degrees) for three days. Have tiny baby cory fry, pepp fry @2.5cm, adult cories, adult pepps and apistos/tetras/cherry & crs shrimp all in four different tanks. About 25% w.c done on tanks All tanks have air operating in them- water doesn't pong... What will adding stagnant water to tanks do to my fish?
  6. What they said - look at those lips! Finnage is lovely too...I'm justa sucker for those mick jaggers though....
  7. Congrats Jodi-Lea - well done on your wins. Again. Mr Ford doen well again, too. I'm taking the wee ones to Ekka, so have bugger all chance of getting past side show alley to view - am thinking i will have an attack of pregnancy vapours and sneak off to have a peek, leaving dear partner to deal with flairy floss-itis...
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  9. Funky indeed, ginger. Pretty fish - glad to hear it turned out well in your favour. Colours are amazing - even with the grotty glass and flash. Both look metallic. What's that apisto in first pic, taking off like a scalded cat?
  10. How tiny is that fry! Wow - something in your water perhaps?! Literally I suppose, if you are on a system? What sort of set up do you have - ie tank size, sump/canister, RO or tank/tap? What other pairs do you have? Love to hear details from successful breeders!
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  12. Ditto previous posts. Feeding it with live food/vegie supplement. Thera A, Finnicky Fish Forumula, Grow, Flake and Stable wafers are all combined for community tank. Wafers nightly for pepps with Thera A once a week.
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  15. Crap - man, that does suck. Big time. Lucky you were home, eh? Beg, borrow or buy a big storage tub tomorrow to temporary house the others that won't fit in the four fter?? Seems a shame to have to re-start all over again... Kudos to you, though, for thinking of your fish. Sign of a dedicated fish-keeper. Your work stuff too - you poor poor bugger. Hope all seems a little betterer very soon.
  16. Tetra's are Pristella's, look great in a school. You've done well - looks great - although I'm not a fan of vases in tanks. But hey, each to their own. Don't be afraid to post your pics - they are good!
  17. nah - hybrid comment was only meant tongue in cheek. I do have rcs with the contrast stripe, but the riffles differ in many ways. I have one massive riffle that will come and latch on if I'm fiddling in their tank. Kinda sweet in a repulsive way. He really is ready for the barbie though.
  18. Ha- great shot! Wow -what a swarm. Like my house if I rattle the lolly jar - I find wee children stuck all over me.
  19. I love them too - highly underated I reckon. Love their fans, and they are robust enough to stay relatively unmolested. I got a couple off smiley (where they heck are you, smiley?) a while back, and although i have never seen a pregnant female, find young 'uns all the time. Love their colouring also, and their sex changing antics.\ They love to climb though Have been wondering lately if they can mate with cherries, as I have some super red cherries with a distinctive contrast stripe down the back... Please don't lynch me for making hybrid shrimp though :worry:
  20. at Dan and Di It is nutso - I have babies out the yooha. Pity I can't sell the ones causing me grief.. (Thats a joke btw - love them dearly but jeez, fish don't push boundaries or your buttons, don't give you lip, don't find lippies and paint their brothers, don't play frisbee with your old blues records) Sorry - rant over from this old whinge bag.
  21. Never stopped - gotta love the baz. I swear this is the fertility house. Everything that enters gets banged up....
  22. Was having a pity party for one this morning - been a average week with three wee children down with gastroenteritis, impending monster-in-law visit, waddling around 6 months pregnant - so I'm all hormonal, hungry and the other h word. Decide to do w/c a day early, so am muttering and hoovering out the vast amounts of crap in the peppermint tank, and there they were - tiny little black and whiters, just made my day. Didn't think they were quite old enough to be breeding, only bought them at 2cm, last March Auction (2009). Not too sure who the parents are - got 4 adults in tank, was thinking I had four males, including three sub dominants, as they all have bristles up the nose. Wrong again. Then checked temp community tank - cory eggs all over the shop. Still growing out 30 or so, (sterbais if anyone is interested) so not fussed if these eggs get eaten. My CRS is also carrying eggs - who-hoo Something in the water?
  23. That really sucks wellsey, sorry for your losses. 30 Litres is a pretty small tank ,with the heavy poopers you have, even if they are only younguns. When you say parameters are perfect -what are ammonia, nitrite and nitrate exactly? Whats your water change method/schedule? What filter have you got? Any air running? Any signs of distress in the survivors - top of the tank, hiding, etc? Soudns like they have a great diet - you obviously care for them well. How long do you leave the vegies in? Could be a weird case of aggro - but I'd rule out everything else first just to make sure all other fish will be OK too.
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