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  2. Craigo, I know a guy selling a colony of lethinrops, Pony tail I know someone selling locally bred praecox
  3. Im keen on establishing some fancy goldfish tanks (3x18x18) however my house gets fairly warm in summer with tank temps around 30 degrees on some days, but consistently at 25-28 during summer. I know high temps arent ideal for goldies and I dont want to run chillers on each tank, and Im familiar with, extra aeration, fans on the surface and frozen water bottles but I'm hoping that some folks have kept their goldies at these temps without ill effect. Currently have dwarf mbuna so water conditions arent an issue. Any advice appreciated.
  4. Does anyone know how one turns it off please, getting fed up with the 'ding' every 5 seconds or so?
  5. Nielsons Shailer Park, Nerang Pet Barn, Aquariums Alive Nerang, GC Pet Centre Burleigh, better off chatting with a few breeders
  6. Would it be worthwhile checking whether your lfs has a fishtank maintenance person locally or someone here could help you with a few waterchanges and a filter clean? I f I was closer Id help
  7. 27? My gupps are chillin at a comfy 20 degrees atm.
  8. Petbarns are a funny anomaly, I remember reading a report from the company that stated the high expense of selling live fish and a proposal to only keep dry stock from Kongs. The Petbarn in Nerang is interesting as it has the most comprehensive live fish in stock compared to the other PB's Ive seen, even stock natives
  9. might be worthwhile creating an interest group on Facebook, much easier to maintain
  10. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Down-Stream-Aquatics/347764195411806?fref=ts
  11. Donny posted a thread a while ago that had a HO LED working with a stock worx and the two complemented in other as they currently have 30% of some lights atm you could buy a worx led and an AI PRIME Led as a central light on a centrepiece for under $400 all up
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