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  1. [MENTION=3166]liquidg[/MENTION] Thanks mate.
  2. I am starting my first reef tank soon. I was told i could use texas holy rock that i have left over from my africans as a base rock. Is this correct or should i scrap the idea? Thanks
  3. What an awesome set up you have! Congrats mate!!
  4. I have 2 pair of Penang's doing the same thing. Mine are still around the 1 year old mark, so still a bit young. They will eventually get it
  5. I will be selling [MENTION=14869]Dfwi[/MENTION] I will definitely let you know cheers.
  6. Here are a few of my fry. Blue turqs. And pigeon blood x red melon.
  7. I had the same problem with my pigeon blood & red melon pair. Mine kept hanging / feeding off of the terracotta pot. I took the pot away & covered my sponge filter with a white sock & that worked well. Good luck mate
  8. Very nice mate. That Heckle X is stunning
  9. I have a pair of Bristle nose that have had about 4 batches of babies so far, The last 2 times there have been eggs, the male boots them out of the cave after 2 days? can anyone shed some light on why this may be happening. Cheers
  10. So are there any breeders willing to ship their shrimp or should i look towards a a shop to supply. I just want to be organised, so it is as smooth a transition for the shrimp as possible
  11. Hey i have cherries atm. I was chatting to the lads at The Tech Den about the requirements for substrate and all the goodies. Thanks for the replies all.
  12. Hi all, I will be starting a dedicated shrimp tank very soon. I am looking for some CRS to put in it. Also i would need them shipped. They don't have to be of high quality, as i am a novice and wouldn't like to murderise anything of high value So, could you send me a pm with what you have available & prices please. Cheers all.
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