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  1. hmm should be ok, i wouldn't rush out and buy a chiller unless the fish are dying. Don't even think about putting ice cubes in your tank lol. Consistency of temperature is key.
  2. I picked up the prestige veggie pellets from redlands pet centre for 20 bucks for a fairly large container... they are a good size and my peppermints and yoyo loaches both enjoy them. Would buy again.
  3. You could look at getting a chiller if you think the fish are unable to handle the temp.
  4. 3 x peppermints and a wicked new piece of driftwood which they love.
  5. I can attest to planted tanks being a lot of hard work. I went the DIY co2 route and it was not easy. I am enjoying my 4ft african tank a lot though, here is a couple photos i took this morning. They're all growing up. My tank is 4ftx18x20. Comments appreciated. Livestock mostly from Smiths Aquarium on sandgate road. Eheim 2217 filtration, additional eheim 1000 powerhead added for a bit of extra water circulation. Cheapy air pump down one end and a FluvalTronic heater. Tank is from AquariumsRUs but next time i'll spend a bit extra to get a nicely finished tank. Enjoy!
  6. Smiths aquarium on sandgate rd is the only place i really go to anymore... they have by far the best livestock in brisbane. The good part is they have a high turnover so you can go in every few days and they have at least a few new types of fish in.
  7. How much salt are you putting in? For my 300L tank i used about 20 - 25 tablespoons of salt, dissolved in boiling water and then allowed to cool. Worked well for white spot parasite. You will need to slowly add the salt over a few days so as to not stress the fish.
  8. Hey Demon, what kind of filter do you run on your 4ft malawi tank?
  9. I use a little canon ixus80 camera (cost around $240), zoomed to 3X optical zoom, in macro mode.
  10. Simply amazing. Makes our pet stores seem rather limited by comparison!
  11. My cobwe attacks the camera... i just uploaded a nice macro video where he attacks the camera towards the end of the clip. Enjoy!
  12. Looks great mind if i ask what kind of filtration you run on a setup like that? My 4ft malawi tank has around 20 fish, i run an eheim 2217 and it's coping well so far but i'm not sure if it will cope when they grow to full size.
  13. Take videos and upload to youtube. Much better and easier than taking still photos.
  14. Hmm i think mine was around $20.
  15. Hmm no idea. Video or a clear photo would help.
  16. Interesting, i always thought the idea that fish growth can be restricted by tank size was a myth.
  17. I can't find any info on the net but was wondering if anyone knows how many years it takes on average for cichlids to reach full adult size, eg. pseudotropheus acei or other common malawi species. Mine are all around 3.5 or 4 inches at present. Thx in advance.
  18. Going well... after an initial white spot outbreak which i managed to cure early on using salt and heat treatment. Tank is now at full capacity, however i am adding a few more hiding places, rocks etc. Will upload some new photos soon, once i'm happy with the revised layout.
  19. PetCity at upper mt gravatt sell the Jagers at decent prices. 300watt is $66 for club members, $74 for non-members. http://petcityonline.com.au/search.asp? ... 0&Button=1
  20. I've found purigen to be quite good. Though i wouldn't use it all the time i think it's good to throw it over the spray bar every now and then to absorb some of the organic material floating in the water column.
  21. Day 8 and i've declared the tank white spot free... another small water change and decreased temp. The salt and temp treatment seems to have worked very well, i didn't lose a fish and none of the fish seemed to mind the temperature or the salt.
  22. Day 7, there has been no flashing or signs of white spot for 2 or 3 days now. Did a 10% water change. Will continue that each day and start slowly reducing temp to 26.
  23. Nicely done! That's a LOT of cichlids though... what will you do with them all when they reach full size? Also i'm curious how long it took to cycle the entire system? Any idea of the total water volume? My estimate would be around 750L!
  24. I've had a breeding pair of kribs for about 6 months in my 2 foot tank. Every month or so when their fry hatch the mother looks after them for about 2 - 3 days then seems to lose interest and i've witnessed her eat & swallow them on a couple occasions (not just putting them in her mouth to move/protect them as she does in the first couple days). Has anyone else encountered this? I may try moving the fry to a seperate tank next time.
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