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  1. Helllooo!

    Thanks, ill be back though.
  2. Helllooo!

    selling everything --> http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/holland-park-west/fish/4ft-tank-whole-set-up-with-6-display-size-cichlids-/1137834718 just waiting for account to update to sell on here. I've moved out of my old house so my old house mate which i used to have them with is looking at moving out as well. I'm also traveling at the end of the year. gota wait till i settle down and get another house before i redo the collection Cheers TomJ
  3. g'day all!

    Welcome back mate. TomJ
  4. Hey everyone, glad to be back after a while. returning to regretfully sell my fish and tank while i got traveling! Cheers TomJ