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  1. Yes Bruce still available. The bottom pics are of their parents.
  2. Selling 12 x Frontosa Chumbu. Mostly around the 5-6cm size. Need to find a good home for them as they have been living in my sump. $250 for the lot. Kept in the same water as my tropheus with seachem Tang buffer 50% water per week. cheers Andrew
  3. Looking to sell my colony of F1 Ikola tropheus. From Jim’s wild caught stock. About 20+ in the group. A coupe of fry that have survived in the tank with them, they have produced many over the years but I just let them spit in the tank and don’t have much rock coverage. Been kept in water with Seachem Tang buffer and fed Tropical Spirulana. $500 for the lot. Cheers Andrew
  4. Mine have been a bit skittish lately and the only change I have made was add a duck bill enductor on the sump return. Took it off after reading this post and they are super active again.
  5. Run both. Tropheus love clean water and good flow. Andrew
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