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  1. Mine have been a bit skittish lately and the only change I have made was add a duck bill enductor on the sump return. Took it off after reading this post and they are super active again.
  2. Run both. Tropheus love clean water and good flow. Andrew
  3. 3x18x18 is the perfect size. Not to small not to big
  4. I currently have a colony of t.moliros and was really keen on keeping another colony of tropheus but now I've started thinking frontosa I'm starting to think I might go with frontosa. If I keep them similar to I keep my tropheus I should be ok right?
  5. Hi all. In the process of getting a new tank which I had planned to put another colony of tropheus in but my wife has decided she would like a colony of frontosa instead. I'm open to the idea but after keeping tropheus I'm concerned frontosa might be a bit to steady. Any input on what it's like keeping frontosa would be appreciated. Are they relaxing to watch? Are they as demanding on water quality as tropheus? Cheers Andrew
  6. Does anyone know if theaquariumshop.com.au uses the same Micks tanks to build their tank as the micks tanks that other people on here have used?
  7. I ment to write the tunze 1073.040. Comparing that with the laguna they both seem to pump the same amount when the head height is at 1.2 metres , which is what my tank is. Does the laguna use less watts like the tunze does at different head heights? Tunze is approx 30 watts. Laguna is 55 watts. So at $200 each wouldnt the tunze be the best option?
  8. .Anyone using the Laguna max flo 4000. If so what size tank is it bring used on? Im tossing up between it and the aquael aquajet 3500 and the Tunze 1073.050. Any input would be appreciated. Its for a 400 litre tank. Cheers Andrew
  9. Yes I like the look of those pumps. I think thats what I might go with. Cheers Tristan
  10. Hi all. Just looking to upgrade my airpump to tumble 15litres or k1. I also would like to run a couple sponge filters and an airstone in my water change drum. Would a lp20 be plenty?
  11. Its probably not a bad idea to have two holes for the over flow but for a tank that size which I worked out to be 320 litres you wouldnt need anything like a 5000lph pump. Most aim for 3-5 times turnover for a sump. That means a pump around 2000lph would be plenty
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