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  1. Yes its a 6x2x2. There's 4 congos, 6 buenos aires, 6 silver dollars 1 angel and 1 sail fin pleco.
  2. Hey everyone, Would 4-6 Geophagus BrachyBranchus be compatible in a 6ft tank with silver dollars, congo + buenes aires tetras, an angelfish and a pleco? tia
  3. a few days ago i was looking at my (sumped) 6ft tank and i realised that the temperature was in the low 20's. Turns out i never turned my heater back on last time i was doing a water change and now unfortunately a proportion of my fish have white spot. Ive turned the heater back on and i'm raising the temperature by a degree or two a day until the temp is at around 28-30. in my sump the water drains through a strainer first before hitting the water and going through the filter pads, it creates a lot of splashing and aerates the tank by itself, but when i start increasing the temperature will it be fine or should I add an aerater?
  4. yeah they are, and they have pretty bad reviews online regarding their store and customer service so in pretty skeptical.
  5. I've recently come across aquariumwarehouse.com.au and im pretty interested im buying from the as they have cheap prices on live fish + cheap shipping, however I've noticed they also will not do anything if fish arrive DOA. Has anyone bought live fish from them and what's your experience?
  6. somehow I struggled to upload a photo.
  7. I was browsing gumtree in search for a bargain and i came across a fairly cheap 6ft tank that also has a few pumps included. the tank has sump holes drilled in it, but since i don't know much about sumps i really have no idea what they are. the tank was saltwater before hand if that helps.
  8. ah okay, well i was looking on livefish.com and you are able to buy 25 small 4cm ones for $60 with free shipping, and it wouldn't hurt to put them in my pond and see how they go.
  9. if i was to add a few dozen small silver perch into my pond (which is already inhabited by firetail gudgeons, guppies, convict cichlids and a salmon tail catfish) would they eat all the smaller fish? the pond is at least 75000 litres. I also have a two foot salmon tail catfish and I am curious, would they try to attack him?
  10. My pond (which is really just a pool that hasn't been looked after for years) has no pump or aerator and yet fish are still able to live in it. as i am adding some more native catfish to the pond, I've been doing research and i have not seen any pages where people have a self sustaining pond without use of a filter/pump, which brings me to wonder, how are fish able to live in my pond? I have no plants in it ( hopefully this will change soon) yet there is a hard, thick algae muck that is all over the pond. most of it has sunk to the bottom, although theres a few bucketsfull worth that are floating on the top. the inhabitants of the pond are: a salmon tail catfish, 100s of firetail gudgeons, 100s of guppies, 50-70 convict cichlids, 12 crayfish.
  11. It was a nice peaceful night tonight so thought I would take a picture of my salmon tail catfish who is currently in my pond who Ive had for about 3 years (and Im going to be adding a few more in hopefully soon), I'll also be adding some eel tails in this saturday, so Im pretty excited! Does anyone else have experience with salmontails, either in aquariums or ponds?
  12. Will this regulator Aquarium CO2 Disposable Cylinder Regulator With ONE Gauge FOR Planted Tank | eBay Fit this sodastream adaptor? Soda Stream Adapter FOR CO2 GAS Regulator FOR THE Home Brew Hobbyist | eBay If not, where can I buy a simple regulator for less than $60-$70?
  13. Is it possible to have kuhli loaches and SAE together?
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