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  1. Purigen, Couldn't believe the difference the first time I used it. Didn't know water could get that clear. I like the little bags, just throw them in a filter/sump, touch on the expensive side though :S Also heard good things about macropore, but never used it.
  2. Hey all, Chasing the general consensus on tanks that have been empty for long periods. Mainly, would you buy one? I have an assortment of tanks that I have been sitting dry for just over 12 months, all 2nd hand but were in use previously and completely leak free. I moved in with my partner, and they have been waiting for me to put them to use, but life gets in the way, and now the arrival of a little one, I can safely say that my fish breeding ambitions are officially on hold for the foreseeable future. What I'm getting at is, Would anyone buy them as is? Or would I be best to strip them down, clean them and redo all the silicone? (I was planning on doing this anyway before using them myself) Thanks guys Jesse
  3. I played with this idea a couple of years ago. I had 4ft tank with a glass divider on a sump. I used a DIY overflow box at one end, with the sump return on the other, with PVC water bridges connecting the two tanks. DIY Overflow box http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/diy-overflow-box-pics-28916/ Bending the Pipe http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/diy-bending-pipe-filter-hose-24701/ Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the whole system For the water bridge I used 25mm PVC pipe, but used the same method to bend it. I had 3 bridges between the tanks, 2 was sufficient, but had the extra in case of blockages. The water level between the two tanks was always exactly the same, so different height tanks would be an issue. As long as the water level stays above the ends of the water bridge, it should never lose siphon. I ran my system like this for almost a year and never once lost siphon. I realize this method does not give you a clear viewing bridge, but if the end goal is just to move water between tanks, this is a cheap effective way of doing it.
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  6. I know the "white magic" brand ones are. And they have alsoreleased a new product. The "white magic" cloth. Found it recently at a local hardware store, absolutely awesome for cleaning the inside of glass. They are blue though, for anyone looking for one.
  7. Magic sponges are totally chemical free and work very well inside the tank, even with fish inside. Been doing it for years without a drama.
  8. Cheers mike, I did think about the bulkheads, A slightly more expensive option, and also not as space efficient, but on the plus side, not quite as permanent if plans change later on down the track, Although... Ill be drilling new holes exactly where I want them once these are plugged up. 3 of the tanks are going on a rack, and I want to put them side-by-side. The current position of the holes will have them facing the next tank(not the rear of the rack), So even with the bulkheads trimmed as much as possible, then capped, I'm going to lose valuable space on my rack. Also, the tanks are currently empty and in need of a good cleaning, so drying times is not a huge concern. Cheers for the input Jesse
  9. Hey All. I'm Looking to block up a couple of bulkhead holes in some of my tanks. And I have a couple of questions for those that have done it in the past. I'm planning on using square pieces of glass and silicone, unless someone has a better alternative? Questions are. 1- Is there a minimum glass thickness I should use? I have some 4mm glass laying around. 2- Should I fix the panel to the inside or outside of the tank? Or both? 3- Whats the smallest I could cut the glass for a nice strong seal? (assuming a 25mm hole, Would a 50-60mm square be sufficient?) Thanks in advance. Jesse
  10. Cheers for the reply. Ill get my hands on some excel then. The sump is in an enclosed cabinet, so gets almost no light, And is chockas with media, so adding fish isn't really an option. I'm not super concerned about it. Just don't really want to spend a half a day cleaning tank and decor, just to have it resurface from spores (Does algae have spores???) in the sump, especially through all the media. Id love to get a UV onto the tank(and the rest), but moving is EXPENSIVE. My fish are eating better then I am at the moment :S . One day... One day.
  11. Get yourself a stick or long skewer and a bunch of small feeders, small enough that hes still hungry after 1 or 2. Throw a live one in first to put him into feeding mode, then throw a second in if needed, now that hes actively searching for food, put your dead food on the stick and move it around gently near him. It probably wont work immediately. But do it for a couple of days and hell soon go for it. Ive used this method before successfully on Morays and a Lionfish, it was easier with the eels, but still took less than a week for the lionfish. Although he still got live food semi-regularly. Try keeping the dead food near him, if it doesnt scare him off, while there are live fish in the tank. Sometimes you can almost trick them into going for the dead one when they are hunting for the live. HTH
  12. One of my tanks has the dreaded BBA. Due mainly to neglect, as I am moving soon and thought I would give the tank and wood/rocks a good clean when I relocate the tank, since ill be stripping it down anyway. I've even considered replacing all of the substrate and decor. Its on most of the glass, all over the rocks and wood, even on my internal filter and fittings. Which are all easy fixes, But it only just occurred to me, that its probably in my sump too. I'm happy to strip and clean everything, but I was planning on moving the sump "as is" to keep the media seeded. Is it a fair assumption that I'll have BBA all through my sump? And if so, does anyone have any suggestions to get rid of it? I must admit, almost ashamedly, I don't actually mind the way it looks (On my big volcanic rock anyway). Its formed a carpet little tufts, and is almost marimo-esque. Little balls of black-green moss that flow each time my big red swims past them. So if I'm stuck with it, I'm not all that bothered, but with the move, I was hoping to give the tank a big reno and start fresh. Thanks guys Jesse
  13. I remember reading a while ago about heating options for outdoor ponds. Specifically aquaponics, I think it may have been an american site? Who's winters are much harsher then ours. One idea that caught my interest, and I plan on using(or at least testing) when I finally take the dive into aquaponics, is compost heating. It requires having a compost heap/bay and running several meters of black poly through it, preferably in a big coil close to the earth, but well buried in compost. As the compost breaks down a fair bit of heat is generated(anyone that's ever turned a mature compost bed would have felt the surprising amount of warmth in the center of it), water is pumped from your pond, through the poly coil, and the compost heap warmth is transferred to the water, and then back into your pond. This of course requires a mature compost heap, so not much good to you this winter, but if you set it up in the warmer months of summer, it should be good to go by the following winter. I cant remember for the life of me where I read it, but if I do stumble upon it ill post it up.
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