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  1. Hello, At the moment i have 1x 7 bar Frontosa (M i think), and 1x black calvus in a tank along with a couple cuckoos and bristlenose, but im thinking that they need a couple friends to start growing with. I am finding it hard to find 7 bars, a lot of other species but ilove the look of of these frontosas and i believe calvus make good tank buddies with them. Can anyone help point me in the right direction pls. My frontosa is about 8-10cm, and my calvus is 4-5. I know adding more in i run the chance of them being eaten, but i want to take a chance so my tank becomes fuller with these awesome fish. Thanks for your time Craig
  2. Gday, Im looking to get quite a bit of lava rock, and every time i jump online i seem to miss out of the threads where people are selling haha. If anyone has any offers, i will definately have a look. Its too expensive to purchase individual rocks for stores - so looking for unused or unwanted rocks that i can recycle to help create a home for my african cichlids. Thanks for your time. Speak soon Craig
  3. Thanks people, You have given me a couple things to think about, if you have specific air pumps in mind - please don't hesitate to tell me your thoughts haha. The only reason i would like my air bar to work, so i limit cords/piping in the tank, other than necessary items. I have contacted AOA, so just waiting to here back. Thanks again enjoy your weekend
  4. Hello, I think i have mentioned my tank before, i have a 1200x400x800 with African Cichlids. The problem i am having is that my airpump isn't pumping enough air to the bottom (800mm) and along (1200mm) the stretch of the tank to make my air pipe work properly. I have tried airstones as well to get more oxygen in the water, but unless the airstone is toward the top, that struggles to create enough to make worthwhile. I have Deimi ACD-800 airpump at the moment, is there any bigger that will solve my problem? I have looked at Fluval, Aquaone and no names but i dont really know what im looking at in terms of being able to pump enough air to the bottom. Please help. Thanks Craig
  5. Morning, I have just sent through some posts re the cichlids they may still have available, they definitely have a great selection, different colours and shapes (just what i was after really) - so thank you again for your help. Ill wait to hear back on whats still available, and then source the appropriate rocks / shells to allow them to live the best life i can give, going by your previous post on what setup i should do for my current 3ft tank, in regards to what variety of cichlid i get. This is awesome i cant wait now for the weekend, to have a new setup and some new cool fish. Thanks again
  6. Agreed haha. He has unfortunately taken out a couple smaller fish in the past, because they went in or thru his area haha. But still a beautiful fish, and very glad i have him. Thats great news, ill start trawling now, fingers crossed i may get some that are little uncommon..
  7. Not 100% sure, it looks like nkambae. All i know is that it enjoys taking control of the bottom, especially his hole that he was quick to claim haha. Whats the damage for a potential tankmate
  8. Awesome!! Thanks a bunch, that is amazing. Ill make sure once i have set the tank up to take some photos to show you what the end result looks like Now its a matter of finding the fish, ill see whats available and then prop the tank with the appropriate colour rocks/shells etc. Thank you for taking the time to help me
  9. Thanks heaps for the feedback, it definitely makes me think about how i should create the best environment for my fish. My frontosa is approx 8-9cm, so still quite small, i was hoping to get him a female at least. I am currently looking at bigger tanks - just sorting out a few things first. I have kept my frontosa in with my malawi cichlids and he survived quite well, just thought creating a lifestyle with other Lake Tanganyikan cichlids would be better for him. I also have a lepidiolamprologus genus in my big tank, and he loves controlling the sand haha. I would like a combination if possible allowing different shapes and colours to occupy the 3footer space. So any further hints of what best to get and would work well together would be greatly appreciated. I understand the tank isn't ideal, but my current malawi all started in my small tank, once i could see they were getting to size and i found the perfect tank for them, i invested to create a wonderful home for them and they are thriving . Thanks again for your help - look forward to starting a new environment for different variety of cichlids 1 last thing, what about calvus - are they good keepers and do they get along with other cichlids?
  10. Howdy, The tank is 3ft aquaone tank so just a small one for now - so i would be looking for small (baby fish) at the moment, once they start to grow i will enough time too invest in another larger tank i have for my malawi fish. I have a kingoma frontosa, well thats what i have been told , so i would probably look for a female for him, plus other varieties that is recommended. I am looking to get another tank i have, which is 800x1200x400 for malawi. But i like to see the fish grow before i invest, as i need to determine where i can put the tank and how much room i have haha
  11. Gday, I have a created a good home for my Lake Malawi cichlids, now i am keen to start another for Lake Tanganyika cichlids, i have a lonesome kingoma male that is looking for companions . What are good types to have and can anyone help me? Thanks
  12. Hi Donny, Sorry to asking you questions about my filter, i was wondering about the marine pure balls. What size would best suit the FX5, do i keep the ceramic rings as well? Also do i add the carbon pellets in a different level of the filter, so i have all types of media mentioned to help work keeping my tank healthy? The current setup i have in the tank, i don't think a wave maker will work efficiently, i'm happy to manually suck up waste Thanks again
  13. Thanks mate, The outer sponges are still in very good condition, never really heard of wave makers or powerheads, but if you think that will help keep the bottom cleaner ill defiantly look into it. Will they move the sand or just the loose particles laying on top? Sorry if that is a stupid question haha, i really just want to create the best environment i can for them My tank has a air filter that shoots along the bottom, but the fish love to cover the holes up by moving the sand around, so i have a air stone in there to help oxygenate the water. Yes i try to clean my filter every 2 months, but recently it hasn't lasted that long. So i will look into everything you have stated re. carbon pellets / chemi pure. Thanks again for your help
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