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  1. hi i just want to know is it legal to take fish from the ocean, do u need a special licence? or can u just take them cheers ant
  2. hey stu as i am in coomera also just want to know where u get ur water from?
  3. i think they would be to big 4 ur tank, 1 of the ones i have is an external, but u would need someone to help u set it up, the reason i didnt use it was it came with no instructions, but u r welcome to it if u want it., also check out the masa site it is a dedicated marine site with lots of helpful info on marine. cheers ant
  4. hi kezza, i know that when it comes to marine tanks it is the bigger the better,, its because when something goes wrong in a small tank its harder to control, i have heard of people keeping marine without a protein skimmer, i think it comes down to your water change frequency, u can join the masa website, they will be able to tell u more than me, as i am only new to marine myself dont take my word as gospel, im guessing the lfs lost a customer, rudeness should not be tolerated from any shopkeeper,, as for keeping anemomes these are not for the beginner i would do some more research on those if i were u, hope this helps, also if u need a protein skimmer i have a couple cheap ones lying around u could have 4 free. cheers ant
  5. i have considered getting a lionfish down the road a bit,but i have done no research on them yet, i will be starting off with the clowns & i plan on keeping the clowns, so i will have to stick with whatever goes with them cheers ant
  6. thanks stu ive been trying to google it and cant find any instruction, its a weipro sa-2017 so your saying the top is the intake ill give it a go, the larger bottom hole has a tap also just not attached in the pic. cheers ant
  7. thanks guys, yeah shon i will be waiting the 4 weeks i thought i would need a chiller before adding any corals? i plan on trying to get some snails and hermits as soon as the shops open, ok so i guess no black clowns for me, i planned on 12 months before anemone, what other fish goe well with clowns? thanks ant
  8. hi all i bought a skimmer(it is a cheap one it only has to last about a month or two and i will buy an expensive 1) its brand new but didnt come with instruction, i just want to know which is the intake and which is the return??? thanks in advance ant
  9. hi all i am excited to say i have moved to the marine side of things, i have a 4x2x2 tank with a 3ft sump i will be running skimmer and a 4 x 54watt t5 ok the tank was only empty for 1 week, i have filled it with collected water from currumbin, and 50kg of live rock(the live rock was only out of water for approx 2-3 hours) filtration in sump is live rock and a sand bed, i plan on putting 2-4 true perc clowns in after cycling finishes, some people have told me that because i have collected water & the live rock came from an established tank & that the tank i bought was established that after 2 weeks if the ammonia & nitrite levels are correct it would be safe to add fish, is this correct or should i be waiting longer as i was planning???? also what other fish are good starter fish to have with clowns???? ( i would like 2x true clowns and 2x black clowns) also in the future i would like a bta anemone ( im not going to rush this im just after some info) 1 last question, i have read some people dont run chillers, at current my tank is at a stable 26-27c as i am very new to marine all and any advice will be highly appreciated cheers ant
  10. hi messmaker, i had the same problem when i started out, still do some times, i also used google which is a good way of finding out, the best places i have found to buy fish from are smaller aqaurium shops, the staff in these shops are usually the owners, and have and/or breed what they sell at home and are therefore alot more helpful the bigger stores such as petbarn etc only have 1 or 2 people 2 work in the fish section if they are not available to help u get someone who doesnt know what they are talking about, an even better source is breeders from the forum, who better to ask and prices are cheaper by alot, i was sold few fish from stores that where not what i thought it is costly and frustrating. moral of this rant stick to small shops and forum members. just my 12 cents ant
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  14. bout time i thanked some peeps 2 motorman, aussie 123, mineurfish,woocoo,jaynee, this is just a quick thanks i left alot of people out will do another 2moz outta time
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