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  1. Of my current fish, my fens are showing great colours. But the umbees once they reach a good size will be the winner for sure!
  2. I got this guy from livefish last year? Gorgeous fish. Lover of American Cichlids and Ornamental Shrimp
  3. My Blue Rili tank. Not really scapped, just heavily planted haha Nate Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Like majority of Americans, the unicorns are the ones we are all chasing.
  6. I've been searching myself mate, and everyone that I've spoken to hasn't seen this in Australia?
  7. Hey mate, First things first, have you kept a dedicated shrimp tank before? I'd highly recommend starting off with a cherry (neocaridina) species first as they are hardier, cheaper and much easier to look after. If you're dead set on CRS (caridina), have you thought about what you will need? I.e. RO water/ rain water, Salty shrimp Gh+, benibechi substrate, ect? And lastly, the two best people I'd recommend for the shrimp, would be [MENTION=4157]gbang[/MENTION] and [MENTION=885]smicko[/MENTION] Two very good breeders with good quality stock! Happy shrimp keeping mate, Nathan
  8. Hard to come by, if you find one, let me know!!! Following!
  9. Awesome shrimp, but no need to tell you that mate, you already know what I think about em Nathan
  10. Stealing that one, going on Facebook Edit: [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] over 100likes in under an hour, haha, awesome meme mate
  11. I got lucky, when I set up this last rack. She turned around and asked if she could have one of the tanks, of course I was more then happy to give her one
  12. Haha nah the IBC is outside, grow up all the little fish in there, grow exponentially in so much real estate!. The fish put me to asleep lots, I'm a student so when not studying, I'm watching the fish, the amount of Times I've passed out is crazy haha
  13. Hey qldafers, Some may remember a little while back when I said I had most definitely caught MTS. Well I've gone even further again I'm now up to 12 tanks inside the bedroom! I'm an american cichlid and ornamental shrimp keeper, weird mix I know! Up to 5 shrimp tanks, with the rest for different Americans and my turtle. And of course, an IBC for grow out of the Americans I wanna thank qldaf for all your help and inspiration! I'd also love to thank both age of aquariums and boss aquaria. I'd have no idea where I'd be with out everyones support! Thanks Nathan
  14. Very exciting, I love good Colour convicts!
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