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  1. Yeah I do plan on something that grows large like a bass or some sort of grunter or perch but was chasing something with the slowest growth rate so I can utilise this tank for as long as I possibly can sort of thing. I’ll be able to uprgrade to a 4ft in about 18 months or so. I was originally told bass are quite slow growing in aquariums? i was also after something I could permanently house in a 4x2x2 i did think of mouth almighty but have read that the don’t transport well and are quite hard to come across
  2. Awesome thanks mate! What’s what I’m after a smaller fish for this tank with a big personality. I’ll look into them
  3. Thanks for the help mate! Are these known slow growers?
  4. I don’t mind upgrading to a 4x2 in 12-18 months or so. I just got given this tank so what to utilise it for a while to get back into fish keeping
  5. Hey all! Ive recently just acquired a Aqua one 620t which is a 2ft long by 2ft high tank. Was just after some recommendations of what natives to stock in there that will last a while before having to upgrade tanks? My LFS has aussie bass fingerlings about 1.5cm long and yellowfin bream around 3cm long. I’m well aware the size these fish reach but I’ve read online they both have quite slow growth rates. So would this tank last those fish at those sizes at least 18 months? By which time I will be getting a bigger tank. if not what other carnivorous natives can I stick in such a small tank that I can still feed feeder fish and shrimp too and have the personality that some of the lager natives do? Thanks for any advice or input, it’s greatly appreciated, Drew
  6. Oh ok I got ya. Thanks for the info mate appreciate it! Forever learning on here!
  7. Oh thanks for the head up donny, I'll look into it
  8. Legends thanks for the help fellas, will check em both out
  9. Anyone ever done this? ive kept many of the bigger predatory natives in large tanks before but I've just been gifted a 30L nano tank with the built in lights and filter etc. my question is is there any tiny natives that can be kept in this. Or is it really suited to just shrimp etc. i feel a native nano could be really cool if it's achievable with at least a be fish thanks in advance, drew
  10. Nothing wrong with natives at all grubby, I'll always be a native man at heart, I've just kept them for years and thought it was time for a change and a burst of colour. Just got a juvie red lutino Oscar I'm hopping to grow in to a big chunky fella
  11. Thanks for the advice mate! Will get some different density foams. Was reading about the seachem products like matrix and stuff and they sound like the go?
  12. Hey all, I've recently gotten rid of my smaller natives and have purchased an albino Oscar for something new. im new to the larger fish and their mess so was wondering what the best filter media is for my canister to cope with the Oscar. Tank is a 4x2 and has a 1800lph canister filter. dont mind spending good money on media so open to all suggestions. thanks in advance, drew
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