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  1. Hey  mate I'm back at home again for a week. Do u still have any b/nose available?

    thanks Scott

    1. mrzeby


      Hi Scott 

      Sorry what were you after 







  2. Ell20

    Sketchup designs

    Hey mate, looking great can't wait to see the build ! Looks a little like my setup, not sure if you remember I used stand pipes in the wier makes it heaps less noise. Just a thought. Cheers Elliott
  3. Ell20

    Angels Pep breeding log

    Congrats and merry Xmas
  4. Ell20

    eggs gone

    Sounds like you have 2 well fed cherry shrimp. I have seen them tumbled without cherry shrimp before maybe try without.
  5. Ell20

    Female common beat to death

    Hey @frontosarus I am only new to breeding Bristlenose but currently have two 2ft x 2ft breeding tanks with 2M & 3F albino BN and the other tank 2M & 2F common BN. They all seem happy and have my first batch of fry on the way from each. I know this doesn't directly answer your question, hopefully someone with more experience can chime in. Cheers Elliott
  6. Ell20

    How many Bristle nose in 5 ft tank

    I have read a post of a member that has 80+ peppermint Bristlenose of various sizes in a 6x2x2, so as long as you have heaps of drift wood for them to hide you could put plenty in there..
  7. Ell20

    Ghost Knife

    Nice one, I have two BGK very cool fish!