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  1. Thanks bud see you next week
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  5. Well now I can say aluminium is good to hold 13 meters worth of tanks. Guessing each tank around 350kg x 13 tanks so very happy it didn't all go to poo
  6. All tanks are finally in position and 90 percent of plumbing done. Will be filling them up tomorrow. Top tanks go into a nexus and middle tanks into a duel chamber sump. Hopefully no leaks
  7. Hi bud if you type Gold Coast fish tanks on Facebook search it will be that bloke. His name is Mick and does a great job building tanks at great prices. I think he is on this forum if someone can tag him.
  8. Thanks guys it's slowly getting there. Got loads of fish in ibc to put back in them once set up. After that maybe some tropheus if I got good water flow
  9. Thanks aquaholic will do it that way as as don't want any problems. They are weirs so when power goes out the sump copes easily as got loads more tanks connected which aren't is the photo
  10. Top tanks are up
  11. Very slowly my new fish room is taking shape. I hope the aluminium stands can cope with the weight. They are made from 40x40 box aluminium that is 3 mm thick and has screws in the legs to adjust their height for uneven concrete. They will be holding 14 tanks 1 meter x 60cm wide x 45 high made by Mick down the goldie.
  12. Hi guys just wondering if anyone has experience with lots of weight on a aluminium stand as the engineer at work has offered to build me a 2 tier stand out of aluminium for my new tanks. Basically it will be 14 foot long (2 stands8 foot and 6 foot) and a meter wide as will be holding 14 tanks each one a meter long x 60 wide x 45 high. So basically 1.9 tonnes per tier. Has anyone on this site had any problems with aluminium stands as would love some feed back. From what I have read on Google aluminium is tuff as it's used on aeroplanes and as long as we put plenty of legs to distribute weight it should be ok? Thanks. Mark
  13. Mate for discus juvies try either SSDiscus (Sean) or JC.  Both had german red turq juvies in the 4-6cm size for sale in the last 2-3months.  i have got some off both guys and they were both healthy fish, though Sean's were probably a little bigger/fatter.


    Let me know if you can't track them down on here and i can probably send you their mobile numbers.



  14. Hi bud i had a mate off the forum replumb my return to the tanks for me about a year ago. I was using 25 mm poly pipe on a Laguna 16500 lph to lots of tanks and was not happy with the water flow. Since then it has been replumbed with 25 mm pvc pipe and the internal diameter is over twice the size of the poly pipe. 25 mm pvc pipe is massive for Laguna and you will find you need to tap a lot of the flow back to the sump before it gets to the tank unless you have ten drill holes to drain back to sump. Hope this helps
  15. Congratulations on the move but it's 450 meters further I have to drive now . I will be visiting shortly as I have discus fever so will need more supplies See you in the next few weeks