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  1. Hi bud I can’t private message you but have albino long fins adults here if your chasing   Also got adult albino short fin 

    1. pantodon


      Awesome. Just found my inbox was overfull. Have done a clean out so messages should come thru now.

      Basically keen on all types of adult bristle nose, will buy big numbers for the right deal.


  2. HI ill take all 70 can u contact me 0433423031

    i got friend pick up and shipping for me 


  3. Hi bud sorry no shipping as saw you are in wa. If you can get someone to pick up from here I have 50 L397 here for you but only 20 L333 left to sell
  4. Hi people still got plenty of L333 and also heaps of L 397 as well at 3-4cm for $5 a Cm so 3cm is $15 and 4cm $20
  5. Hi there yes still plenty left. All around 5-6cm. Can do 10 for $250 else $30 each Pick up only from Eaton’s hill
  6. Hi guys I have some L333 plecos to sell. I’m located at Eaton’s hill and chasing $30 each thanks
  7. Hi guys have 1 male 3 female for sale All 10cm plus have bred $180. Locates at Eatons hill. Please bring a bucket
  8. Hi bud Looks awesome!!! what sort of pump do you run and how many hours a day does it need to run Thanks
  9. Hoping another one joins this one in my ibc
  10. Hi bud your tank looks awesome. Very jealous. 2 questions. How do you stop algae growing on the glass (Do you keep phosphates and nitrates on zero or you got a secret trick) and what light are you using to keep the corals so healthy. Your giving me the salt water bug looking at it Atb. Mark
  11. Waiting to hear back from one guy that was going to buy my left over Burundi babies or at least half of them as not sure if I want to sell the lot of them
  12. G’day Jason I have been selling off L numbers and frontosa to cut down numbers. Will be keeping shrimp and catfish for awhile as they require less maintenance
  13. Cutting down on fish as starting a new job and got too many fish. Just want to keep ones that don’t need much attention
  14. Hi guys I had 4 goldfish in a ibc over winter and paid no attention to the apart from a feed every second day and looked today and it looks like I got 2 batches of babies. One at a cm and another batch at 5mm. No filter no water changes but in 800 litres of water. Never expected it
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