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  1. Looks for some different blue eye varieties (pacific, spotted etc). I am also wanting to buy 15 -20 Threadfin rainbows. I am also wanting to purchase a small group of quality neon praecox rainbows and bosemani rainbows. These will be going into a heavily planted 5ft tank with 8 existing pacific blue eyes, and a few dwarf cichlids (rams / apistos). Looking for fish close to Toowoomba. thanks Ashleigh
  2. No worries. PM me on here if your interested next week. I'll get some better pics of the large males for you.
  3. sorry, missed the notifications. Selling them all. I have a few large adults available. More females, but a couple of large males. Not currently on gumtree. I was in the past, a few months ago, and wasn't selling the adults back then. But clearing the lot out now.
  4. Hi I have plenty of shortfin albino bristlenose for sale. Wanting to clear the whole lot. I have at least 30 fish available. Plenty of 5-6cm available for $5 each. Some maybe slightly smaller or larger. I also have a number of larger adults. Looking for $25 each, or trio's for $65. Pick up only from Toowoomba
  5. fish are ok. Lost the nice blue leopard around Dec and sadly the big red a month or so ago so just the 4 left. The big red (male) bred constantly with the golden checkboard. Haven't bought anything else. so just the discus, a few ottos and one rainbow. :( Haven't been keeping up with the co2 and ferts so looking at adding low light plants and turning reducing the light (already turned by BML down to min), and go to a low light set up. Need to make my ferts up again and get my co2 bottled filled. The amount of co2 required for a high light was ridiculous. Found I was using a lot. It is a continual battle with green algae on the belem grass and hasn't turned out how I wanted. Looking at converting the grass area to just normal hairgrass. The belem looks nice but I think the ada soil is too big for its roots. As soon as the fish got spooked they'd did up the grass soo easily. normal hairgrass will grow much easier / faster, If that fails will look at taking all the soil out and adding pots with swords etc. but rather not go down that route. The crypts on the side grew very well so that is an option for ground cover. Want to try easy plants first that will cope with minimal light. The high tech along with all the water changes was just too much. Will get this tank back on track then look at buying another 4 discus.
  6. added the last of my random fish so can shut down my 2 ft tank now. Added my apisto cac male, one pencil fish, 6 ottos and a neon rainbowfish. I thought he might compete for food, but just hovers and picks up the scraps from the discus. The apisto help clean the bottom scraps so I'm glad the huge discus must scare them Today I noticed that the turk and leopard had bred again. Then tonight the golden and leopard had laid eggs as well. thought this was weird as the two females tolerate each other and tend to their eggs. the male does alternate between the two, (breeds with turk only once a month, the golden weekly) but this is the first time they have both laid eggs. glass is very dirty and battling bad algae at the moment but snapped a pic anyway. the golden has a red nose (u can see in the pic) been like this for a week or more. I think she bashed it on the glass or driftwood, as I do recall a few spooks. Doesn't look like fungus or anything like that, just red. Any ideas on how to fix that?
  7. well my fish are going well. the leopard (male) and yellow dragon (female) are breeding every week or so.The fry get to free swimming stage then disappear. Parents or other discus eat them. The leopard has bred once more with the turq. the turq is a little beat up as the checkaboard and red melon seem to pick on her a bit, and she also is always near the leopard wanting to breed, so gets shooed away quite a bit. They're are still eating well. Have a bit of a algae problem at the moment. Got a bit lazy with ferts so need to get back on top of the algae.
  8. good food. Mine are breeding every week. I'm not doing anything to try. large water change each week, (maybe every 2nd if i'm lazy). I put it down to food. quality beef heart mix, quality frozen blood worms and brine shrimp and freeze dried black worms, and kelp algae flakes (they don't eat this much).
  9. Below is what they are sold as. Not chinese discus!. They are imported from Malaysia. They are either Martin Ng or Tony and Jeffery Tan discus. These were majority Tony and Jeffery Tan fish. 1x Checkerboard 1x Yellow Dragon 1x Golden Yellow 1x Turq (red) 1x Solid Red Melon 1x Blue Turq (big one) - but I do agree it looks more like a leopard. To be honest, I am not fussed on the types. Not interested in breeding them at all. Just wanted nice healthy colourful fish for a display tank.
  10. So it is the two blues that paired up. The snakeskin an turq.the eggs are still there. I have about 29 that have hatched and the parents have moved them onto the glass. Will see what happens when they are free swimming . The other fish weren't interested in the eggs so hopefully the parents can raise the young. Only have discus in the tank.
  11. well I have had my discus for two an a half weeks now and as I was feeding them tonight I noticed the red turk in the corner, which is not like it. On closer inspection I have EGGS!!!!!!!!! I must be doing something right :dance: I am not interested in breeding but they must be happy if they laid eggs. I think it's the snakeskin as on closer inspection tonight it appeared to have its breeding tube down as well. Not sure which is male / female. I didn't really check the tank this morning or over the weekend as I was away, just chucked some food in and left them, so the eggs may have been there for a few days. The pigeon has become a little shy, I think it's the only one the big snakeskin will chase. pretty happy though
  12. I went to Living Reef at the coast. You walk in and all the fish come straight to the front of the tanks. I literally had a wow moment. Such healthy and brave fish. Really nice staff and gave me so much advice. I was there for hours . Had heaps of discus, which was great as they have something that will suit peoples individual budget. I stuck to their cheaper varieties as these are my first discus. Will purchase my rams, ottos and way down the track a couple of blue diamonds from them as well. They are pretty big. hmm I'd say at least 10cm easy. the orange maybe a bit smaller. didn't measure them when I put them in but they are pretty decent size. the snakeskin is more like 12cm I think. He is BIG. He was my splurge lol. I wanted a really nice blue one. They look small in the fts but my tank is 22inch high so good medium sized fish. Basically nearly the same price I would have paid at a pet store in Toowoomba... and I think the quality and temperament (how brave and friendly they are) speaks for itself. Looking at pictures I never liked the white faced ones. But the colours on the orange and red melon were amazing. I like the black around the fins as well. I think if you pick the right fish your are in front from the start. These guys eat out of my hand and are really confident fish. Pick a group of brave fish. I bought a fair bit of food from Living Reef as well as I wanted to give them the best chance and do it right. It was a good eye opener for me seeing this is what discus should be like and how they act. Very different from my local stores. Overall very happy for my first discus.
  13. New group shot. The little orange is the first one to come up to feed even though he is the smallest. Love these fish! can't believe how tame / friendly they are. my blue snakeskin I think it's called happened to clamp his fins at the wrong time. Love the colour of him. My favourite fish. need to get my dslr out and take some decent pics. tested the water and so far ammonia is still 0. Will keep an eye on it now the tank has a big bio load. Took the two guppies out so the discus have the tank to themselves. Fed some frozen brine shrimp. They ate is but not like the beef heart or frozen worms they go crazy for. Would like to get some other cleaners in there soon. Might purchase some neon blue rams and ottos in a week or so, then I can start there 3-4 week quarantine
  14. well here are some more pics. Just hand fed them some beef heart before the photos. The little orange (looks yellow in pics) is so tame. lol. All ate well. Very happy. just need a nice blue diamond to add to the collection down the track love this photo. They are sticking to one end of the tank. Except when I fed them they were in the middle. I think the 2217 on the other end may be a little to strong flow. Will see how the go and might reposition the spray bar to spray back towards the glass. The don't seem very stressed at all. new full tank shot. They have now explored the other side belem is growing ok. original stems have died off a bit but heaps of new shoots growing. will fully carpet eventually. stems have grown mad. but turned green. getting reddish again at the surface.
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