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    here is some of the fish i keep

    FRONTOSAS :- kapampas,ikolas & burundis

    BRISTLENOSE :-marbles, albino & common shortfin bristlenose,albino longfin bristlenose
    L-NUMBERS :-L001,l104,LO66,L134,L168,L201,L270,L333,L397

    SHRIMP :-cherries,chrystal reds
    CICHLIDS :- leleupi [orange],firefinn & black calvas,white calvus,goldcomp & cylindricus
  • Interests
    fish keeping,rugby league , speedway
  1. hi mate wanted $60 for the goldspot

  2. Hi how much do you want for you gold spot?

  3. hi i was wondering if u had any ikola girls if so i would like 2 pls

    can contact on 0404090733

    cheers webby

  4. Thanks webby nice fish mate

  5. can u id please,id say hes a male wouldnt come out of his log
  6. can u id & sex please if u can
  7. can u id & sex please if u can
  8. Thanks so much for the L397. Very nice healthy fish & great bloke to deal with. Goodluck with your new L134's.

  9. was nice to meet u the other day,gave me some good advice,easy to deal with,

    i like what u have done with ur tanks,will catch up with u again soon

    cheers webby

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