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  1. Hi anyone got metrozole for sale? Location brisbane 0402633341
  2. hey guys was wondering if any of you's have any experience with a pump which can circulate 1100 gallons (4100 litres) 4-6 x per hour. Specifications to consider - Noise level - nil to inaudible. Stock: 5 silver aro's im guessing 5 turn overs per hour should be enough? if so should i look to get a 20,000 lph pump or 2 x 10,000lph pumps, price is not an issue as long as the pump/pumps will be inaudible Cheers
  3. first discard any old filter media , yes u will have to start over again. soak any filter canisters, hoses, pipes, heaters, thermometers, nets in a solution of bleach:water > 1:20 run filter for an hour in this solution to make sure anything inside the filterhead is dissolved. empty tank let it dry out 48 hours then wipe interior with Isopropyl alcohol.. also i suggest you dont feed live fish anymore most LFS are full of worms and parasites. quarantine any fish with metro and prazi before adding them to your tank
  4. Has anyone kept a jardini with a flowerhorn before?
  5. Cheers mate will keep that in mind while i wait for the metro to arrive
  6. Hey guys im trying to revive a 9 year old flowerhorn with swim bladder for a old friend of mine. The fish has been swimming sideways, floating on top of the tank with a bloated stomach. I am currently doing 15 mins salt bath 3x daily at 3 tablespoons per 5 Litres I also have some metro coming. Does anyone know the correct procedure for metro? please help
  7. Hey guys flowerhorn is crook as **** was wondering if anyone had any metro or where i could buy some. Cheers,
  8. mate have u managed to get any fry yet, u've had these for quite awhile now
  9. My flowerhorn keeps rubbing his mouth on the gravel, my first suspicion was gill fluke or external parasites so i dosed the tank with levamisole with NO SUCCESS He is still rubbing his mouth on the gravel Water parameters are fine. Does anyone have any info they can share on this?
  10. will a large pleco survive in my tank? the flowerhorn is massive like 25cm and still growing. aggressive f*cker aswell lol had silver dollars in there with him before and had no casualties. will look into the algae eaters. thanks for the suggestion
  11. hey guys never owned a pleco, recently moved my tank and gets hit by sunshine now and algae has started to grow. What sort of pleco am i after to control this issue? + its a flowerhorn tank so a larger species would be best
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