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  1. 20cm thin bar red hook $100 pickup south side brisbane
  2. 3 x thin bar red hooks ~7cm

    sold thanks buyer
  3. 3 x thin bar red hooks ~7cm $250 for all 3 pickup calamvale brisbane txt 0402633341
  4. 8 x large redhooks 13~14cm $500 pickup calamvale brisbane txt 0402633341
  5. Hi anyone got metrozole for sale? Location brisbane 0402633341
  6. hey guys was wondering if any of you's have any experience with a pump which can circulate 1100 gallons (4100 litres) 4-6 x per hour. Specifications to consider - Noise level - nil to inaudible. Stock: 5 silver aro's im guessing 5 turn overs per hour should be enough? if so should i look to get a 20,000 lph pump or 2 x 10,000lph pumps, price is not an issue as long as the pump/pumps will be inaudible Cheers
  7. big problem i am facing

    first discard any old filter media , yes u will have to start over again. soak any filter canisters, hoses, pipes, heaters, thermometers, nets in a solution of bleach:water > 1:20 run filter for an hour in this solution to make sure anything inside the filterhead is dissolved. empty tank let it dry out 48 hours then wipe interior with Isopropyl alcohol.. also i suggest you dont feed live fish anymore most LFS are full of worms and parasites. quarantine any fish with metro and prazi before adding them to your tank