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  1. Thanks for the tips! I've currently got a 2ft aquarium light. The best things I can say about it is it works, it's low profile and it came with the second hand aquarium. Other than that it's mostly plastic and kinda ratty looking. My sparky friend had a 2ft fitting lying around at work and kindly donated it to me. It's fairly heavy and about 1.5 cm thicker than the aquarium light, but seems to run cooler because it made of steel. I'm thinking of placing the guts of the aquarium light into the bare baton fitting, then rig up a holder for the end clips. After that I'll probably stick some foil (or some other reflective material) to my hood.
  2. Thanks for the input guys. I have lids but there is a bit of a gap for the hang on filter. I think it should be ok coz I don't have any fish that are likely to jump or splash. I'll be checking out the local Bunnings tomorrow, as well as chatting to my sparky mate to see if he has some spares ;-)
  3. Could I just go down to Bunnings and buy a 2ft T8 light fixture and attach that to my hood? Is there a difference between normal light fittings and ones sold specially for aquariums? Not talking about the tubes (I'd use aquarium tubes) but the electronics that run it.
  4. I cleaned it off the anubias last week, but I don't like the thought of having to clean it off the swords... every week... till (if) it clears. I think I'm getting an otto on the weekend. ;-) I just noticed today that a few of my fish have some damaged fins. I'm pretty sure one of the neons has been doing it. The victims are 2 or 3 neons and 1 rummynose. Is it normal for neons to nip each other?
  5. Thanks for the tip. I was considering getting an otto, but they were pretty expensive at the lfs. Some pages I've say brown algae is part of setting up a new tank, I just hope I'm not doing anything to make it worse.
  6. Hi guys! After lurking here for a while I thought it was about time I made my first post! It was the trader forums that brought me in, but the helpful and knowledgeable community has kept me coming back. I've got a 2ft tank with 6 neons, 5 rummy nose (my 2 year old calls them runny nose ;-) ), and 2 peppered corys. It's trying to be a planted tank with a few swords, an anubias and 2 banana lilies I picked up cheap the other day. I have a small atman internal filter that I hope to replace with an aquaclear hang on soon (just waiting for one to go up for sale on the boards ). I also have my share of brown algae , everything I've read says it'll clear itself up in a few weeks but I can't stand to see it covering my pretty plants... I like to do a bit of photography, so hopefully I'll be able to post some pics of my tank in the photo forum soon.
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