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  1. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Aquarium-HSL-CO2-Regulator-Dual-Gauge-Solenoid-Valve-Magnetic-Bubble-Counter/222765024590?hash=item33ddd4854e:m:mdHaAkPKSIcGrHbbHeZuSdg I've been using one of these on a My keg on legs bottle for 3 years, never had an issue. Cheap doesn't always mean bad.
  2. Help with Algae and plant health

    No problems, that would be just your standard aquarium algae, you will have to increase your plant load to combat that especially since you are dosing high amounts of ferts
  3. i always get this on new driftwood. It will die or go away eventually. I suck it up with my siphon during water changes
  4. Help with Algae and plant health

    Looks like black beard. Turn your lights on less, Get some flourish excel and a syringe and squirt it into the algae, Or get a couple Siamese Flying Foxes. As for the leaf try some potassium, or it might just be dieing. Just get rid of it.
  5. Interior

    in the bush
  6. My fishroom build

    plenty of nice rainwater to be collected off the roof
  7. Its come along way, have learnt so much and had some F ups. 11-06-2014 09-06-2015 Java Ferns liking the water Banana Lillies Some young crypts and anubias and baby tears growing
  8. Plant Fertilizer

    The only reason i have it is because it came with the hood and stand i bought. What should i replace it with?
  9. Plant Fertilizer

    [MENTION=9128]Davo888[/MENTION] My plants are as follows- Rotala Wallichii, Hygrophila (Not sure what type), Anubias Nana, Hairgrass, Ambulia, some duckweed floating around. I am using DIY co2 at the moment, lighting i am using an Sylvania Coral Star Actinic 18w and a white light i think its 10000k well its coded as 885. Thanks [MENTION=12160]n5750547[/MENTION] and [MENTION=7614]Leigh[/MENTION] i shall look into some dry ferts.
  10. Just want to know peoples opinions on brands and types of liquid fertilizers. What do you find works best and ones to avoid?
  11. If you are worried the Angels might go for the Neons, have a look at getting some Danios. Plenty of great looking danios out there and they stay at the top of the tank, out of the way of the Angels. Plus Danios are a much more lively fish and school extremely well. Anyway Good Luck, Post some pics up once its all setup
  12. 6'2'28" African Display

    Looks great, hope you painted every bare edge of that mdf, if that gets any moisture in it, its f'd.
  13. I like curved scissors, they look nice when kept in water for several months
  14. Does AoA have any scissor tails? im yet to visit you guys so maybe it can be a good excuse to head down.