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  1. Thought you guys would like this and it is a bit of a teaser, my male Greshakei
  2. Sorry guys been offline a while Still looking
  3. I am in the same boat Barmy I am going to get into the Eartheaters So I will be following this and we can trade info help out a bit
  4. Hey all I wondering if there is any Geo breeders on the sunshine coast at all? I am keen to buy some of these fish I have a 5x2x3ft 760lt tank I think they will be awesome in it. Thanks Dave
  5. It is a female I had a look thanks for the help
  6. Hey people I need an ID on this little one please
  7. Hi all I have cobolt with popeye the eye has air in it how do you treat this disease. Thanks Dave
  8. Where do you get the stoned fish from...lmao
  9. Hey donny I will do that tonight. I did 2 separate tests from 2 different bottles of ph tester on tap water last night and got the same reading of 7.2 just to make sure that the test kits were working I will let you know tomorrow bud. Cheers
  10. hey all does anyone know if active carbon will lower your ph level? because I tested my ph last night it was at 6.4. Now tonight, I tested again now it is at 6.0 thanks Dave I have corys in this thank
  11. So how dose everyone handle a power outage what systems do you have in place I would like to hear your ideas thanks Dave
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