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  1. Would you do 6 for $100
  2. Hey I have a pair of peppermint catfish. they are roughly 8-10cms. got sold to me as male and female. looking to swap these for a fish tank of 4 or 5 ft. If you have a tank ( does not need to have a stand or anything) let me no ASAP. 0422093189
  3. just sent you a text.
  4. You still got any tanks ?
  5. How much is this tank
  6. Hey is anyone looking at selling a female burundi frontosa. Any size. Will pay $$$ if you will sell. Please text me on 0422093189.
  7. Hey fish mates. I have bought a few frontosa from different people on gumtree and they were all around say 7-12cms with 2 being around 5-6cms. Now i have one thats the male thats starting to guard his cave i have for him. I have done water changes and changed the temp to 26. Within the last 3 day i have noticed one off them with what looks like a mouth ful, BUT if its the female she is only like 9cms. From when i ust to breed Frontosa they had to be around the 12cms mark. Is it possible for her to be holding. mouths full just like when i ust to breed them. I am not able to load a picture for some reason on here. Any idea's ?
  8. Hey pretty keen on yoir tank. Where abouts is drewvale
  9. Have a breeding pair of angel fish tbat need a new home. Make an offer. Can send pics if needed. 0422093189 will consider all offers or will swap for frontosa fry.
  10. Where yoy located
  11. Hey dies anyone have any frontosa for sale ?
  12. Yes They Are Jus Posted Them On There
  13. What do the parents look like ?
  14. I have a nice pair of breeding angel fish. Great bars and colours. Make an offer need gone ASAP.
  15. Male albono Oscar for sale. It is roughly 14cms long. Great fish needing gone ASAP. MAKE AN OFFER