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  1. Thanks again Donny The live rock I get from my lfs will be cured but it usually has plenty of coralline algae on it and hitch hikers. The tank is an aquareef 300 with all standard equipment. I would like to make space in the sump for an internal skimmer and put live rock in instead of the bio ball for extra filtration. What skimmer would you recommend?
  2. Thanks Donny As I will have to add more coral sand and live rock due to the larger tank, will it be OK to do this during the move, or should I just add the new coral sand and add the live rock at a later date. Also, what will happen to the layer of bacteria that has formed in the live coral, will it just spread throughout the sand or will it die off?
  3. Hello just bought a larger tank (300ltrs) and wondering if I have to cycle this or can I move everything from existing (130ltr) tank straight into new tank?
  4. Hello, I'm new to the forum and would like advice. I bought a second hand RedSea 130, I setup it up and started the cycling two weeks ago, the yellowish brown is starting to cover everything nicely. I have just discovered a tiny bit of salt reside on the bottom right hand corner and cleaned the area thoroughly but the residue has returned so I think I may have a very slow leak (hopefully it will only be where the tank is sealed). I think I will empty the tank, test it and reseal it, so my question is do I wait for the cycling to finish or do it now? A second question, as I will have to put the rocks and water into buckets for this, will I have to re-cycle the tank when I set it up again. Hope someone can help Eckells
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