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  1. ADA amazonia have pretty decent reviews plantwise. With CRS, any substrate will do but it wouldnt hurt asking what people have tried. I tried fluval shrimp strat and theyre okay but they seem to break down faster than others. Im trying benibachi and hopefully its okay.
  2. The one ive used was a fluval shrimp and plant soil or something. I believe theres two type of fluval? Havent tried the other one yet.
  3. Fluval is more like bang for your buck kind of substrate mate. Id say you get what you pay for but Ive used fluval and didnt have issues with it. Id say give it a go and if you dont like it then you ddnt lose much because of its price.
  4. Both gravel and sand could raise the PH over time unless they're inert. I say do away with under gravel filter. Shrimps' waste are hardly noticeable plus sand + undergravel filter = no.
  5. [MENTION=7848]PETFISH[/MENTION] Im leaning towards glosso. Thanks! [MENTION=3466]mike[/MENTION] Im trying to move away from anubias/java ferns. Hehe
  6. [MENTION=13412]Buckshot[/MENTION] elodea, java fern, java moss, anubia, banana and something im not sure, could be wisteria. Lol i want something that would eventually carpet the substrate but wont require too much maintenance?
  7. Hey guys, what are some nice dwarf plants you can recommend on shrimp tanks? Im trying something other than moss. Medium light would be best and one that does not require a lot of trimming. Sick of my plants turning into 'trees'. Lol thanks for the help!
  8. Im not very confident I have the patience for that but I will give it a go. As long as theyre breeding then thats fine enough for me.
  9. Yeah I was thinking that maybe it was a throwback from its fire red ancestor shrimps. Lol
  10. Oh well. Back to the tank she goes then. Cheers mate!
  11. Hey guys, so I was checking my jungle of a tank today and found this one. Im a bit confused on grading shrimps so especially reds. Would you say she is a fire red or just a really red red cherry? Lol I dont keep red cherries by the way so how did she get there???
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