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  1. I found this wormy thing in my tank. I haven't been able to get a good enough look to count it's legs. Can anyone ID it?
  2. OK, it took me way too long to get this!
  3. .Anyone got a line on some cheap and quality liverock? I'm going to need fair chunk. Enough for a 4x2x2 reef
  4. Thanks! I think I will drill it. How much is drill bit worth? If it's not much more, I would rather have someone do it.
  5. .So i went out and got a 4 ft marine tank! I'm pretty keen to get everything running, but in my excitement I threw everything in before looking up how to get a sump put in. I had never really researched sumps before, and didn't know you had to drill the tank. Is there a way to do a sump without drilling the tank? I would hate to loose the 3 bags of base sand and 1 of live sand i threw in. I there some sort of pump that would work without drilling? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Try the dry goods trader section mate. Might have ore luck there.
  7. He qldafers, My question is, if i glue my led light to the inside of my tanks hood will it be ok? I have a led light that I want to fix to the inside of my tanks plastic lid. There is room and I would like to fix it there without drilling if possible. If not glue what are my options? The only thing i'm worried about it the heat produced by the light, it's not huge, but it doe get a bit hot when on for a while. There light is a Finnex Ray 2. Cheers, Sam.
  8. Yeah it is the smaller of the aquamedic tanks, the lights seem to be doing well but I really like the look of actinic lighting. Maybe I can just swap some bulbs out.
  9. I'm looking for some cheap actinic lights for my nano reef. any suggestions. tank is a nano aqua medic. I have 9x3w bulbs atm, but i would like to upgrade. Cheers!
  10. Yeah it really was a super first tank. I've learned a lot since then, but for a first tank, it was really simple. I've thought about upgrading the light and I keep going back and forth. I wold like more light, but i quite like the look of the LED light. To be honest, i'm not sure it would be worth the possible algae issue to upgrade the lighting. Maybe if I can pick p a bargain.
  11. Yeah will do once i ca be bothered cracking out the camera haha. Just phone potato pics for the moment.
  12. Hi mate, Currently in the 140 I have 7 Sterbai corydoras, 10 rummynose tetra, 12 Cardinal tetra, One unidentified pleco (Still young, and I'm guessing some longfin bristlenose) and one lonely Electric blue ram who's friend died when I went on holidays for a couple of weeks. As for Fauna I have a couple of anubias, java moss, plenty of crypts and something I got from a mate I can't remember the name of. http://imgur.com/TjIxmL5 A picture of Ramsey http://imgur.com/hqVfIMt Whole tank!
  13. Hello all, I'd like to introduce myself as another mad aquarist, as many of you must be! I am only relatively new to the hobby, only buying my first tank about nine months ago. I now, however, have four tank and want plenty more! I have a low tech/maintenance 140L community tank. A planted 50L High lighting/ co2 tank, a 46L Fluval edge and a small shrimp tank. I have read plenty on these forums. I'm glad I have finally made an account so I can stop lurking haha. Lambis.
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