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  1. Whats a 12x4 worth? Iv had my 8ft running for the past year with a log a goldfish and a couple of yabbies... Log has finally leached most of its tannins, just struggling to find thw money to buy new fish
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  3. Sadly i think you were lead astray by your pet store, there are some products you can buy that will assist and hopefully avoid any more losses, doing water changes will help remove the toxic ammonia but invest I'm some seachem stability to stabilise your tank
  4. Center punch,drill,drill bits,vice,hacksaw and a tap with a bit of (insert diameter here) rod you could make your own if you are handy..
  5. Iv used fluval lights for my tanks for the last five years no dramas, do the job. come in a 4ft length (i have two on my 8ft, have the planted ones now but started of with the marines
  6. Sunstate sands has a sand mine out near me,will be the same as fraser sand. its only just opened back up and its pure white a truck and dog rolled on the access road the other day, sand everywhere, im going down with my ute to pick up a load
  7. @mickodicko Good choice on fish, i started with Malawis, hardy little buggers. I always dosed with Stability on water changes and tank set up helped my tanks quite a bit.
  8. Should have sufficient filtration, sounds like a colour leaching problem, my tank used to turn red after a while from the food/lava rock (didnt love high alkalinity) Just put a bag of purigen in my filter to clear it up..
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  10. Welcome! I made the move from Brisbane to bundy ( with my 8ft) that was a mission!!! (and moved it four times since) Sadly iv had terrible luck with the LFS scene in Bundy, most of what iv had come in has had disease attached to it, So much so i buy my fish from hervey bay or Brisbane... What are you looking at stocking now?
  11. It will suck air, I have my fx6 filters inlet and outlet drilled into the base works a treat
  12. They look brilliant, where would i find these?
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  14. What camera do you use? I was in the upper reaches of the Elliot river the other day on a rock outcrop and was smashing up pillies and feeding into the water, had bream,grunter, sickel fish,Flathead and a massive school of small fish as well as fingermark all hanging about would have been awesome underwater footage, the smaller bream I was hand feeding, I had originally planned to fish but watching the diverse amount of fish soon outweighed the urge to fish! If you are ever up around Bundy let me know, I live near some sweet creeks
  15. Hi, I have finally started stocking my 8ft tank, (been cycling for two months sinking some driftwood) coming from Africans I was looking at geos, but after a trip to a lfs I spotted some pacific blue eyes( I think) and have decided to stock with smaller Tropical's. What natives will work well with the 20 White tip tetras and 15 herliquin tetras I currently have? Preffering smaller schooling fish opposed to larger predatory fish. Also is there a native alternative to Plecos? Cheers.
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