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  1. Is amazon frogbit declared a noxious species in Qld???
  2. You might have a pair but if your water is too hard the shell on the egg goes hard before the male gets a chance to fertilise it. Or if they are a young pair they might just need abit more practice. If you have a look when they are spawning the females tube will be a lot larger than the males and the males looks like the tip of a sharp lead pencil in shape.
  3. Took the words right out of my mouth about the Tds and methylene blue Pk333. I use a TDS meter and try and get the tds around 100. I just lower the tds using rainwater cause it normally has a tds of around 10 so just mix it with tap water until the tds is right. You can use a RO unit aswell if you want but rain water does the trick anyway. You get much higher fertilisation rate with a tds around 100 but I normally put 10ml meth blue in a 60 litre tank.
  4. Do you have any pictures of the parents?
  5. Put a cage made from gutter guard over the eggs so they can't eat them.
  6. I got given a heap of large goldfish out of a mates pond. I've noticed there poo is white/clear and stringy. What's the best thing to use to worm them. I've got metro would this do the job?
  7. Bloody hell I nearly fell over when I saw the price. Beautiful fish though well worth the money.
  8. Hi pk333 is that one of your discus in your profile pic? It is beautiful. Where did you get it from if you don't mind me asking?
  9. So you just add it to the tank 1 tablespoon per gallon? And leave it for how long?
  10. I have a female angelfish and her stomach is massive, she laid eggs about 12 days ago. She hasn't been eating for about maybe a week. I would have tried green peas if she was eating but cause she isn't i put her in a Epsom salt bath 1 table spoon in a gallon of water for half an hour last night, she didn't do a poo so I tried it again this morning and still nothing? The reason im worried about bloat is because hre stomach is normally round but this is taking it to another level. Do epsom salt bath normally take a few goes to get the poo moving? How long can you leave a fish in the bath?
  11. I must be blind I did look I promise. Thanks Steveandjules.
  12. Are aquaholics contactable by phone if so what is their phone number? I sent them an email this morning and haven't had a response. Cheers Ryan.
  13. No I don't have any rocks or anything. I've added some Lilys in a pot with potting mix but that was only recently the ph was already high. The Lily's are growing really well.
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