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  1. Thats why the NSW cichlid society SUX, people love bitching about others & much of the commitee members have their own rules :-)
  2. Recently in Melbourne I had a sticky beak at 2 local fish stores one was Up Market pets near Queen Vic Markets they had a tank full of close to adult torpedo barbs they had 2 different colour morphs available they had the origional beauties and also a xanthic form at $65ea then because i had extra time i went to Coburg Aquarium, these guys had both varieties too at the same sizes only the traditional normals were $75 and i near fell over seeing the price tag on the xanthic form asking $250 a pop and were far less prettier that the normal ones the funny thing was the fish from both shops came from the same supplier and I wonder how the shop at Coburg out in the suburbs could justify selling the same xantics and close to 4 times the price as a store in the city???? I must say the xanthic ones look poor in comparison to the natural coloured ones.
  3. they look very similar to my native Neocaradina cammelion shrimp, that origionally came from AquaGreen, my dark shrimp like that can turn into the most intence red, blues, blacks, clear, brown, and at night time those colours can drastically change.
  4. Just because they are illegal to collect keep & breed by law, its never stoped other people from keeping them, have you thought how many peeps keep fish that are dubious & people going into the wild to collect rainbows blue eyes, shrimp and even reptiles do you think they give 2 hoots about the law and with real crimms out there to get do you really think they give a hoot about fish keepers? Just my 2 cents. ;-)
  5. I used to use washed beach sand collected were the water washes up on the shore line, it was great, before I was useing quite fine coral sand, which looked good but in my honest opinion was too coarse for some species for example Xenotilapia flavipinnis, Enantiopus melanogenys, and in another other tank just some Aulonocara jacobfreibergi, what used to happen it was too coarse for the sand sifters, also the same instant the Aulonocara's, when they would breed pieces of coral sand would be taken in the mouth by the females, when they would shuffle the eggs, the pieces of coral sand that wernt expelled would be shuffled with the eggs in turn damaging all the eggs and getting no fry, so from that lesion the coral sand was a real pain after a quick change everything changed and all the fry and mouthfuls were fine, with the Xeno flavipinnis, their eggs were not the biggest and almost similar size to fine coral sand that was approx a milimeter or 2, even featherfins like foai & furcifer the coral sand was too much, beach sand was great, sure coral sand is pretty but all its good for for a serious breeder was keeping the water abit more alkaline in conjunction with salts an buffer, coral sand users for species that sift sand i would personally steer away from as it is not eleitist.
  6. ive wasted lots of money over the years on jager heaters, and all of them fill with condensation every one ive had, my tanks are smaller than what you are doing, and run good old eheim cannisters, in conjunction with hydor inline heaters and i think they are great, but shego sound the best
  7. Hi its probably a silly question, but are Mantilla Rays crosses? cheers & tanks
  8. i have photos of my 397 male and female but i dont know how to upload photos here, if you want to send me a email christian.hart1975@gmail.com i can send you photos of my fish to help you, all the best c
  9. you need to wait abit longer,my guess is probably male
  10. i looked at L-Welse.com , The larger one is more than likely just a nice L002, L448 is just another number for L104 Panaquolos maccus, L-Welse.com is far better than Planet Catfish for pleco ID and or a L number catalog
  11. Wild strain / type of guppys are so under rated, especially like the fish in the bottom pic, I used to live up near Innisfail and there was one great spot for them I used to frequent, it's a shame there are not alot of fish like this in the hobby
  12. a couple years back, I have seen synodontis polli:?
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