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  1. Hi everybody, i would love as much advice on Bettas as possible; I've recently returned to collecting what i consider beautiful specimens( of coarse beauty is in the eye of the beholder) and attempting to do some "experimental breeding" As a young child in Buenos Aires i use to have breeding specimens that would constantly breed with little to no effort on my part. After many years, a shift to a new continent and growing older(arrrrrg) i have found the fighters in Australia to be almost impossible to breed, my girls are totally into it and can hardly swim they're so full of eggs and the males seem to be more interested in just plain out attacking the girls to the point of death and then vein total jerks about it!!!!!!!!!!! Any suggestions, tips useful stories would be great!!!! also i am currently looking for half moon albino males, mustard gas males and females( I'm not sure if thats what u call them in this country) let me know your thoughts. Gracias por ayuda! Alejandro(Ash)
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