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  1. Meeting on Friday 9 June at 7:30pm. Information from facebook - This meeting landscape architect Arno King will be talking about "Pond plants and landscaping in southeast Queensland".
  2. Link to other thread.
  3. @BettaSphynx The Bar Jai Hall 178 Alexandra Rd Clayfield QLD Information is up in Events/Calendar
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  5. If it's in full shade it won't be too bad most of the time, heat wise. The exception will be periods like this. There are various methods for dropping tank temp like frozen water bottles or having lids off and a fan blowing air across the top. You could also water the bricks under the deck which would drop the temp in that area for awhile.
  6. April meeting will be 21st as the second Friday is Easter.
  7. What side of the house is it as that will affect temperature of the tank ? Southern aspect would get hit by southerly winds, which in winter are cold. Similar with westerlies in winter. Westerlies in summer can be hot but dry. Does it get any direct sunlight there ? Some morning sunlight would be good, but afternoon sunlight, after the tank has heated up through the day could be problematic. Especially in summer.
  8. From facebook This meeting will include an interactive session for members to talk through what they'd like to see more (or less) of at meetings and what things might make the club more attractive to newcomers. Well also have an update on convention planning as 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for ANGFA Qld. The drinks stand and the shop will be open for books and aquarium supplies, and there'll be an auction where members can sell fish, plants, and other aquarium related items. Guests are welcome to come and have a look, you can join up on the night if you're interested.
  9. I will try to post up emails regarding what is happening in ANGFA meeting in this thread. Meetings are on the second Friday of every second month, starting February. 730PM Bar Jai Hall Clayfield Friday 10 February should be the first meeting.
  10. I don't think that the other fish would be stressing it out. At 8-10cm it would be almost fully grown. Most of the gudgeon I have seem to prefer to have a 'safe' area to be in. Normally quite well hidden. As for colouring, I think empire gudgeon show more during the breeding season but can show none outside of that.
  11. Meetings are on the second Friday of every second month, starting February. 730PM Bar Jai Hall Clayfield
  12. You should be able to buy kits from pet stores to do the tests. A master kit shows ph, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia. Very handy to have when starting a tank cycling. I have seen a test in store for hardness.
  13. Unsure. I would assume that there has been no land bridge between the islands and Australia and that the distance of salt water between the two would be too great for fresh water fish to cross.
  14. Sadly, to my knowledge there is no program like that. However, it is not illegal to own honey blue eyes. It is illegal to sell them. If someone breeds them, they are allowed to give them away. At least, that's my understanding of the law.