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  1. PeterH

    Aussie community tank

    I'd leave the purple spotted gudgeon out. Some flyspecked hardyheads would look good.
  2. Neon rainbow fish would add some blue.
  3. PeterH

    Rhad breeding register

    Out of curiosity, where did you get your Coochin Creek rhads. East or west of Steve Irwin Way ?
  4. PeterH

    Introduced Fish on Sunshine Coast

    Generally they are the main ones that you will find. There are a few other types that are around but they are few and far between, most of which don't have anything anymore. A few droughts followed by rain events got rid of a fair few. You'll probably start finding tilapia everywhere soon as they seem to be spreading everywhere.
  5. PeterH

    Plated tank

    Looks like a dragonfly nymph
  6. PeterH

    ANGFA Meetings 2017

    Meetings are on the second Friday of every second month, starting February. 730PM Bar Jai Hall Clayfield
  7. PeterH


    Follow this link.
  8. PeterH


    Never been trapping that far west before. Probably any creek/river with flowing water and trees either side. I don't know of the feral situation out west. Keep us posted on how you go.
  9. PeterH

    Rock pool fish

    First one looks like some sort of damselfish. No idea what sort.
  10. They mail express to Victoria so Queensland shouldn't be a problem. You can only keep it until it's 60cm long and then you would have to return. Could be a good way to cut down on goldfish.
  11. PeterH

    ANGFA Meetings 2017

    Meeting on Friday 08 December at 7:30pm. The December meeting includes our AGM.
  12. PeterH

    ANGFA Meetings 2017

    Meeting on Friday 13 October at 7:30pm. From Facebook. Unfortunately Peter Ford was crook last meeting, so this meeting he'll take us on tour through the jungles of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore looking at fish and aquatic plants in the wild.
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  14. PeterH

    Scented wax melts

    My wife uses scented melts in the kitchen and they don't affect the bristlenose. However different brands may use different substances in them so it is possible.