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    Big 80 coming up way to fast but ..still active around the place always had interest in nature ..both daughters and their children share same interests,
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    Pot plants,veggie patch,pond of goldfish,a cockatiel ,Bonnie dog, knitting BINGO,ipad,Blue The betta
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    I think I am retired....
  1. I really am new to using and understanding forums so I hope I do the right thing,I did answer a comment re aqua one heaters results were pleasing thanks.. However now I have a querie I have been searching and found a 15 watt Hydor mini heater but seems it is sold overseas can I purchase one from an Australian aquarium supplier , I have been advised to get a higher set heater than a 10watt preset at 26c but only getting 23c. My Blue boy is eating but not racing around,thanks for any help.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply ..so far "bluey" the elephant eared betta is handling the cold weather with a heat mat and the 23c ? Aqua one nano heater. May Ipass on some advise please grand children don't give your 79 year old grandmother a betta .. nice in the summer :)but a bit sad come the winter..I am trying to do my best , think he likes me , comes for his bickies
  3. Thank you for a quick response I forgot to mention the heater is an aqua one preset supposedly at 26c ??
  4. Hello, not sure how to use forum yet but felt I must ask this question ..I have a 10watt heater in Betta bowl heat supposed to be 26c but only gets to 23c ,requested a refund or exchange but told to move bowl to a warmer room..it is winter ? and the bowl is in the kitchen/ dining area where I can interact with my Betta Blue. Luckily I was given a heat mat and the temp went up to 24ish over night. Appreciate any suggestions or remarks re the aqua one heater.
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