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  1. When they are around 3-4 years old, they are some of the best display fish you can get. They are a high discipline fish also, patience is the key - (take agggeeeess to spawn) That being said I have IKolas kamps breeding in just under 2 yrs When I got into them (over 10yrs ago lol) you couldn't buy decent bloodlines or breeders. So maybe the attraction is that there are finally good fish around.
  2. Man those parrots coloured up good once you got them home. They look killer
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  4. Havent seen this either. Try a small dose of melaflix or some almond leaves see if he comes good after a week
  5. Hah didnt u see me slipping all the other stuff under the scanner and into your bag Got another box of tanks out the back for ya mate ill unpack some tomrrow
  6. Forgot to say we have reptile and dog and cat needs if anyone requires it
  7. Cheers for the kind words ronny .. Its true we are closing down discounts on everything in the shop including fixtures, tanks etc. So get youself in for a bargin. After 5 years matt and laura have decided to close the doors. Ive had the pleasure of taking the reigns of the shop for a while now and have enjoyed every minute of it, but alas nothing last for ever and another quality fish shop bites the dust. Many thanks to all our customers who have stood by us and brought our fish and products, you made the shop what it is today. any questions on pricing please email me or pm. It may take me a bit to respond as i am working still . Info@petsontingal.com.au Thanks for everything guys Tim - pets on tingal
  8. Will be there but late id say will be playing the lockup stripclub in the valley earlier in the night. Should be an interesting saturday
  9. When i was breeding oscars a few years ago i just used to seperate them and they would always spawn after rain or when i turned the heater off for a few days. Very easy fish to breed if u have an actual pair. Have had many a lesbian oscar relationship its not amusing. Water changing makes a big differnce also.
  10. It differs from colony to colony. I have alpha males that are scared as hell and hide in rocks etc. I also have a few that are extremly agressive and ill fight other males in the tank for hours at a time. It really depends on how the fish grows up. Ive got fronts in com tanks that are very timid compared to other things like maingano and crimson tides that are with them.
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  12. Very nice Ikolas mate the look very impressive.
  13. Tank of 2009 well done mate http://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forum ... p?t=296910
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  15. Got some bargins and some dodgeys. 4 Lombardis for $15 4 x 5 o/s bristlenose 6 - 8 cm - $35 But i also grabbed a fullsize oscar with 1 eye missing. It was reported and i took the fish anyway but people shouldnt be putting in damaged fish. Also got a huge bit of driftwood with a hollow through it so i was pretty stoked. Only thing that annoyed me was too many bristlenose and not enough yellows, blues, humpies etc. I think the best set/colony i saw was the white knights that came up.
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